Month Sixty-Eight


Dear Husband,

What do you do in the mornings? I’m just asking because I am buggered if I know. Up until this month, you have been working 9 to 5. This meant that I was out the door in the mornings well before you needed to leave. Yes, you did get to watch your news on tv but Genevieve was by no means ready when I left and in fact, on a few occasions, she wasn’t even awake. You still apparently managed to get both you and her out the door in (almost) enough time to get her to kindy before going to work yourself. You both had shoes and socks on, the nappy bag was in tow and I’m pretty sure that at least she had breakfast before you left the house. And now this month, you have finally been given the 8 till 4 shift.

So now you have let me know that we should leave the house at the same time. We can both get ready simultaneously and get out the door, hopefully just after 7am. It no longer works that I just wake you up after I have a shower though. You need a shower too. So I have started waking up 10 minutes earlier to accommodate for this. I have also started to get Genevieve up, get her breakfast ready, get the nappy bag and formula ready and prepare food for the dog. All things that you were able to manage before. This is on top of getting showered, dressed, breakfasted and lunch made etc. Everything I did before whilst still making it out the door on time. Or mostly on time. Only now I am late all the time. So are you although I’m not really sure why.

You don’t really eat breakfast. You rarely organise or pack yourself lunch. The extent to which you go to in order to have respectable business attire is putting your shirt in the dryer for 10 minutes before putting it on – you haven’t been near an iron in months. Since I am now getting up ten minutes earlier so that you can shower when I used to and I am also picking up parts of the routine that prepares all living members of our household to vacate the premises for the day, I am starting to wonder what on earth it is that you do which leaves you incapable of getting out of the house on time. You get showered, get dressed, help Genevieve eat breakfast and be clothed and apparently do secret men’s business for the rest of the fifty minutes you should have before leaving the house and the hour and fifteen minutes you take before leaving the house on a regular basis.

I’m not convinced that this is all Genevieve’s doing either. I do know that she takes an inordinately long time to eat on occasion. If she is not prompted, she goes at the pace of a wet week. They say slow and steady wins the race but they weren’t really talking about the rat race. It doesn’t turn the wheels of the daily grind fast enough to be of any benefit. Even on a bad day though, you can get her to finish two weetbix in under half an hour. So getting out the door should be child’s play, right? Except it seems you can’t and I’m really not sure why.

I did suggest that it could make our lives easier if we did not give her breakfast before leaving but deliver her to kindy when it opened and allow them to feed her the same breakfast we would have at home. You didn’t like that idea though. So here we are, trying to get everything finished and ready in the mornings so that we can leave the house at the appropriate time and it never seems to quite work out. I’d like to know if I can get some time for secret women’s business though or if you can start getting up earlier than I do so that I can figure out whatever it is that you do because maybe I’d like to do it too.

And this has been my overwhelming thought for the month. Not about getting some time for secret women’s business but wondering just what it is that you do in the mornings. I’m sure there are other things that have gone on this month and maybe even some that are worthy of mention but I can’t quite think of them now as tardiness as a topic has taken over. But you know I still love you, right?

Lately Yours,
Your Loving Wife


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