Week 109

DecemberDear Genevieve,

Holy Moses, you turned 2 in December! I feel like saying how did that happen but that would seem a little ridiculous because I was there, you know? For your beginning and your continuing thus far…And to date, you’re still “little” and still free at a lot of places which, quite frankly, we’re very pleased about (sadly no longer on airlines though), but you are not really a toddler anymore and you are certainly not a baby. You are my bonafide pint sized bundle of energy. You are a little minx. On occasion, a toad. But mostly my zany little girl.


You have this ability to embody still and quiet as you put your baby doll to bed or you prepare a cup of tea in your kitchen. You also have this urge for movement as though you can’t possibly be contained and you have to be everywhere at once. When you run from one place to the next, you never go straight there but rather have this wavy trajectory towards your end goal. Your arms will pump furiously by your side and then they will be up in the air as though to help you veer right and then left. Sometimes the running is interspersed with little jumps because this discipline is slightly different again and sometimes you seem prepared to leap and bound from place to place.


We got to see all this at your play centre birthday party. Miraculously, you chose this morning to sleep really late so by the time we had you up, dressed and breakfasted, it was time to head out. You were therefore well rested, happy and full of energy when we got there. And you went off. For hours. Then we gave you sugar (birthday cake) and you went off again. I was sure that we’d need to keep you awake on the way home because you would no doubt pass out as soon as you got some quiet and a bottle. I think I was quite looking forward to that little bit of down time. But of course, you were wired from all the people and presents and stuff because hey, toddler roller coasters! so you defied sleep until the family who had followed us home for lunch left and there was nothing left.

So that day was fun. I’m not being sarcastic either. It was tiring for sure but it was also fun because you are joyful to watch. I am also still intrigued by the way you put things together. In our bid to teach you appropriate behaviour, we now give you the consequence that you will be removed to your cot (the place with bars where you can be contained, it’s true) until you apologise. We should probably be using a naughty corner or something so you don’t start to associate bedtime with punishment but it’s been working for the moment. So much so that when you do something wrong, you occasionally put yourself in time out. When you apologise quickly, I don’t insist on removing you but then you will look at me with big sad eyes and say “cot?” repeatedly until I place you in there, you apologise again and we move on.


Are you going to be a stickler for the rules? You’re not a Libran so equality and fairness are supposedly not driving factors for you. You do like things to be just so though. We have started to joke that you are our own Professional Standards Manager because you are quick to tell us if we are doing the wrong thing. Seatbelt on Daddy! You are very good with the orders. Not always with the please. Or “pease” as it were. We are still working on that one. We are also working on getting it with the rest of the sentence. Frequently we have conversations like this:

Genibean: have more?
Parent: where are your manners?
G: pease!
P: please what?
G: have more.
P: can I have more please?
G: have more…….pease.


At other times though, you have speech that sounds very put together. You have started to speak in simple sentences and occasionally phrases that we must utter repeatedly. I know these are actually single units of speech to you rather than individual words you have put together. I’m  not sure whether you actually comprehend what they mean or just where they should go but you are very cute when we say hurry up Genevieve and you sit there calm as a cucumber and reply just a minute. It’s not so cute however when you bat our hands away from something and repeat no touching! Cheeky monkey.


And speaking of cheeky, trouble found a best friend when we took you camping for New Years. We joined three other families over the holiday break and went camping at Nambucca Heads. One of the other little ones there is almost exactly one month older than you and you two were thick as thieves. When Riley did something, you did it too. If he went somewhere, you had to follow. You bossed him around in turn though and found great joy jumping on an air bed together at every opportunity. You were very disappointed when we left before he and his family did. On the plus side though, we took you to Bepi’s house and grandmothers can make anything alright!

Alles Liebe,



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