16th December 2014


Dear World,

December 16th 2014  was one of those days where several things were truly brought home:

  1. The day when a crazed gunman is holding a bunch of people hostage and the police ask you to lock down your office block is not the day to forget your lunch. There is no skipping out to the shops. You can’t just run up the block to grab a bite to eat. You’re not really going anywhere.
  2. In the midst of terror and fear and the repercussions of a truly f’d up individual, Australians can sing songs about happiness and a beautiful day. Not out of disrespect but because the sun was shining and one stupid dickhead can’t take that away from us.
  3. Certain individuals and media establishments are just drama whores. And I’m sorry, Australia did not just lose her innocence. Martin Bryant was an f’d up individual too and the casualties were worse. I’m just saying.
  4. National pride and solidarity are some things we are bloody good at. #illridewithyou was practical and symbolic and quite frankly, brilliant. There is a reason why so many people like Australians.
  5. Me. I don’t make light of those who were caught in the crossfire or experienced loss. I am both thankful and grateful though that at the end of the day, I did come home safely.


A Martin Place Office Resident


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