Month Sixty-Five


Dear Husband,

You broke again this month. You are really not having a good year are you? It’s not quite as bad as the time you spent three weeks in hospital for a headache, especially since the hospital was not actually involved in this one but yet again, you’re just sort of…broken.

What started out as you complaining of neck and back ache became a trip to the chiropractor and the diagnosis of a compacted disc in your neck…and by the way, your lower vertebrae appears fractured! The first one is of course causing you all sorts of pain now and the latter, well, one day that could have you lying and weeping in a heap on the ground if it gets any worse and bone starts rubbing on bone according to one professional. Not a particularly cheerful thought.

Not really a cheerful thought either was the recommendation for treatment by both the chiro and the physio. You have of course had several appointments this month for they are treating you as an acute pain patient but ongoing, they have recommended corrective treatment. Three times a week. For three months. Holy heck, that’s a lot. I have actually seen your preliminary X-ray though and your spine is not straight and it is definitely doing a number of unideal spiny things. If corrective treatment is what you need then I think you should do it.

I actually wonder whether this has either caused or contributed to the number of sickness type of illnesses you have had recently. I mean, I don’t think it’s the reason you caught influenza or anything but so often you have headaches or feel queasy or are just “not well”. I wonder whether that is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and fixing this will fix a whole lot of other things. It is kind of concerning that at some indeterminate time in the future, your back could get that painful because your tail bone isn’t where it should be. That could be really serious. And really expensive. I would never begrudge you the cost of getting well of course but if we can spend less now instead of more later, I am totally up for that.

In fact, I think I am up to more than you give me credit for sometimes. Like camping. This year we decided to accept the invitation from friends to camp with them over New Years. Now I admit, I am not an experienced camper. The first time I went camping, I was a teenager in Sea Scouts. The next time, I was in year 10 with a school group. That was it. Those were the two times that I have slept in a tent. I was never anxious about the idea though. I was never worried that I might not get a “glamping” experience. I wasn’t even fussed with having a huge tent. I would have slept in a little 3 person dome happily. My lack of experience became a discussion point though.

You have spent the last couple of months stressing about what we should acquire, what we will need to bring and how it should all be. You also spent the time just before we left sniping at me because…I’m not really sure. Part of it was because I left things to you since you seemed to want to control everything. I’m guessing you didn’t? Part of it was (as you eventually confided), you are not an experienced holiday camper either – you know hiking and bare bones camping or whatever you call it. And part of it was because, in the lead up to Christmas, we were both stressed and tired, you were in pain, and sometimes we really just don’t communicate on the same page. But we survived.

The drive to the campsite was bloody awful and traffic was a nightmare. Five hours became eight. We arrived at night in the rain and you and a mate pitched the tent in the wet while the mums wrangled the littles and made dinner. Amen for powered camp sites and sandwich presses! The tents were stifling in the day as there was minimal breeze in the valley. It continued to rain for half the time and we left early in favour of packing up in the dry and spending some time at your mum’s. Oh yeah, and of the 14 people that we camped with, I was the only one that escaped vomiting…I did nearly break my toe on a chair right before we left though which was bloody painful even if the hospital says it may just be bruised…So it wasn’t an auspicious way to start a camping tradition. We are planning on doing it again next year though so I think my lack of experience should have been the least of your worries. It was certainly the least of mine.

Happy New Year though and may the next year bring positive changes for both of us, careerwise at least, or at a bare minimum, not more of the same. You went for an internal (EA) role at work and were passed over again which really got you down and I had my stunning belly-flop of a role negotiation which I’d rather not remember. I hope for both of us that this year is bigger and better and the whole one-step-forwards-two-steps-back is the exception rather than the rule. And I hope we win lotto. Cause I like to keep it real.

On the other hand, this year with Genibean has been awesome and I have been able to share that with you which is pretty darned cool.

Campingly yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo was of me dressed as Mary Poppins for my Christmas party – because who doesn’t want to see Mary Poppins bowling…she probably shouldn’t have been still drinking at this point though cause her game got shocking!


16th December 2014


Dear World,

December 16th 2014  was one of those days where several things were truly brought home:

  1. The day when a crazed gunman is holding a bunch of people hostage and the police ask you to lock down your office block is not the day to forget your lunch. There is no skipping out to the shops. You can’t just run up the block to grab a bite to eat. You’re not really going anywhere.
  2. In the midst of terror and fear and the repercussions of a truly f’d up individual, Australians can sing songs about happiness and a beautiful day. Not out of disrespect but because the sun was shining and one stupid dickhead can’t take that away from us.
  3. Certain individuals and media establishments are just drama whores. And I’m sorry, Australia did not just lose her innocence. Martin Bryant was an f’d up individual too and the casualties were worse. I’m just saying.
  4. National pride and solidarity are some things we are bloody good at. #illridewithyou was practical and symbolic and quite frankly, brilliant. There is a reason why so many people like Australians.
  5. Me. I don’t make light of those who were caught in the crossfire or experienced loss. I am both thankful and grateful though that at the end of the day, I did come home safely.


A Martin Place Office Resident