Month Sixty-Four


Dear Husband,

You got the flu this month. Not the man-flu or a bit of a cold but the honest to God, influenza B, flu. You were feverish and sore and weak and feeling sufficiently crappy that you actually called up to get taken to hospital in an ambulance! You don’t do things by halves do you? Although it was a trifle anticlimactic in the end because there were no sirens and they walked you into the back rather than carting you in via stretcher. Oh well…

And then, you weren’t actually in there for very long, preferring to come home as soon as possible. They did pump you full of IV fluids while you were there though. And give you a number of drugs to make you feel better. And possibly to help correct some of the damage that you had inadvertently done to yourself. Because who wouldn’t think that drinking heaps of water and staying hydrated was one of the right things to do when you get sick? Apparently too much of a good thing is a bad thing though and all you really achieved was flushing out the vitamins and minerals that might have helped you fight the illness.


So you were in hospital for a couple of days which was great because Genevieve got to steal your custard dessert and absolutely terrible because we needed to leave you in the hospital to come home. It was also logistically inconvenient managing work, daycare and visits and not wanting to drive my head into a wall or rather curl up in a ball and hibernate for a while. I am glad you are feeling better now though and I’m glad you got expert care. I am also rethinking the level of our private health cover which calls for an excess. That plus the pharmacy bills stung a little.

What also had me taking a bit of umbrage this month was the fact that you are now getting suspicious when I am nice. Am I really that much of a curmudgeon or tyrant normally that any “nice” behaviour is to be questioned!?! Perhaps you shouldn’t answer that. But can I not genuinely want to do something really nice for you? I mean I have known that you really miss having a Bluetooth speaker since yours got busted. I know that you’d really like to buy one. It’s not the first thing on the shopping list when we go out however and I haven’t felt that a purchase such as this could really be justified recently. Enter some forgotten birthday money and a market research gig though and there were some discretionary funds – and I gave them to you. When cash in hand is essentially outside the budget, I have no problem being frivolous with it.

You thought I had some ulterior motive though. You thought I was trying to butter you up so I could drop something on you later that you would be obliged to put up with because I had been nice first. That is kinda wrong….Although I can also kinda see why you went there…I honestly did just want to do something nice for you though!

Nicely yours,

Your Loving Wife


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