Week 87

July-2Dear Genevieve,

Or perhaps I should say Miss Independence? You are certainly doing a lot more on your own now. Like trying to put clothes on by yourself. I hesitate to say dress yourself because often the times that you try to put on clothing are when you are already wearing something. We therefore get socks on shoes and shirts over pants and stockings slung around your neck like a scarf. Most of the time you still help us to dress you when you prepare for the day or for bed. Sometimes though, you refuse to let us touch the clothes and insist on putting them on yourself. You want to be a big girl.


That is one of the reasons that we introduced the potty this month. We are not pushing it or even actively toilet training you yet but you have started to tell us when you need to go so if you prompt us, we have begun sitting you down on the potty to do your business or at least to try. I didn’t expect you to be ready for this yet and am happy for you to take your own time. I guess we’ll see if this develops over the next month. Your dad has told the ladies at kindy to sit you down on a potty or toilet if you want and whenever you decide you are finished with nappies, that will be another part of your babyhood behind you.


I think you have largely decided that high chairs are for babies. We can still coerce you into one on occasion but you have recently started to pitch fits whenever we try to seat you in your chair for a meal. You also continue to climb onto the kitchen nook seat and tell us you are hungry. You look at us expectantly as if to say well I’m ready, this is what you do when you eat, where is dinner? There are only so many times that we are prepared to have you eat meals on our lap so you can reach your bowl properly though. So we bought you a booster seat that we can move around and also take to cafes with us. We are not allowed to click you into it of course. You have to do that yourself but at least it’s not a major battle to get you to sit in it.


You are quite happy to let us know when you are unhappy with something. Actually, you are quite happy to let anyone know when you are unhappy with something. We were told the other day by your kindy that you “are very assertive with your ‘no’s” which we are assuming is a polite way of saying that you are a real bossy boots! It doesn’t really surprise us though. I just hope you can learn to temper that with generosity and an ability to compromise. We are trying to be a good example for you. But it’s not always easy for us either and sometimes you are too cute and we let you get away with too much. Your dad particularly.

All you have to do is grin sweetly it seems and your father is incapable of holding his resolve. He ends up hiding behind his hands or your story book at bedtime because he can’t keep from laughing. Recently he got fed up with you not going to sleep in your cot and continuing to wriggle around. He frowned and told you sternly to “stop!” and “lie down!”. You recognised that you had maybe pushed him too far so you acquiesced. You then looked up at him with your baby blues and said “Daddy” very softly. Then whilst still looking at him, you touched your index finger to the middle of your face and simply said “nose”. Your dad cracked up laughing. Genibean 1, Dad 0.


You are adding more and more words to your vocabulary and repeating us constantly as you try to learn more. We understand a lot of your speech, at least when we have context. A few of your words are mostly there. Somewhat inappropriately “clock” has no “l” and “sit” frequently has an added “h” but we usually know what you are trying to say. However, sometimes we haven’t got a clue. I know that is hard on you because I can see you so earnestly try to tell us something. You make a big effort to pronounce something as precisely as you can only to have us stare at you in confusion because we can’t figure out what the word is. Then of course there are the times that you just chatter when you are “reading” us a book and in the opinion of your biased mother, that is just adorable.


The only other major thing this month is that you got quite sick and had to stay home from kindy for a week. You got a terrible cough that frequently woke you up, seemingly in pain. At the beginning of the virus, you would also cough so much that you made yourself throw up. I nearly ran out of mattress protectors! You came into bed with me one day because we were both so very tired and exhausted. You had thown up in your cot again and right at that time, snuggled up in my arms was the only way you would nap.


We wondered in the middle of it whether you were getting your next molars as there was a fever and you frequently had your hand in you mouth. There was also a lot of drool. It may have been just a virus though and then a secondary ear infection to boot. You were certainly totally out of sorts for a while. Both your father and I took time off to be with you and cart you off to medical professionals. The night you coughed up blood your dad even tried to take you to hospital. He brought you home after a couple of hours though because the wait was so long and the triage nurse said you were stable. The blood was probably a result of the bile scraping your throat on the way up and not something more sinister. Nobody had much fun that week.

We are now thankfully on the other side of the sickness though and you are back to your cheeky self. The self that apparently likes to stick her fingers into plumber’s cracks. I don’t know where you got that one but one day it’s probably going to get you into trouble. You do this all the time to your father and you seem to find his reaction absolutely hilarious. So naturally you keep doing it. I of course also find it terribly amusing when your father gets offended…but I’m trying not to let you see that.

Alles Liebe,



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