Month Sixty

Dralion 008-2

Dear Husband,

This was an expensive month. I thought last month was an expensive month, what with the rego and the CTP and the inspection and the NRMA and the insurance and the bills but this month was not the recovery month. To be fair, it wasn’t as expensive as last month but there were stupid things. Like when you left the lights on in the car overnight which was apparently the last straw for the battery so it then had to be replaced. I suppose we should count our blessings that it was on a day when I was at home and could wait for the NRMA and not at a point in time when we were in a disparate rush to get somewhere but still. Annoying.

Then I decided that it would be a great use of my time to completely shatter the screen of my iPhone so that I needed to either replace it or the phone itself. I still kind of feel like I should be doing penance for throwing my old phone for which I am still paying instalments in the toilet so we ended up replacing the screen but I hate the feeling of throwing good money after bad. The “new screen” also necessitated a replacement phone with Apple which meant that I spent time stuffing around with backups and phone settings and my new phone is still not quite the same as it once was. Smart phone, dumb user! In more ways than one.

The rest of the month was pretty much one day after the next. I like my job, you don’t like your job, the Genibean just goes with the flow. We don’t plan so weekends are constantly subject to change and you end up at the supermarket several evenings a week to buy goods for the evening meal. Meals themselves are a negotiation as madam frequently isn’t that interested when mealtime inevitably falls close to 8 o’clock at night. I swear we have to get better at that one. I’ll grant that with our current hours of employment, we will never get her ready for bed by 7pm but it would be really nice if we got 8 o’clock onwards for ourselves.

Reuben is the same as he ever was too. I think he has really liked that fact that he gets a walk most evenings but he still thinks that multiple people at home means playtime. Which is something we are slightly less enthusiastic about but there you go. I wish that I had something more interesting or remarkable to note for this month but I don’t. Maybe that is a blessing in and of itself.

Tiredly and unimaginatively yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at Cirque du Soleil’s Dralian which we saw when it was here.


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