Week 83

June-4Dear Genevieve,

Forwards is the way to go, huh? Through a series of mishaps, you got a taste of forward facing car seats in two different cars this month. And then finally in ours. First, I may have accidentally taken all the important keys when I went to work one morning leaving your father to beg the mercy of the neighbours. You therefore got to ride to kindy in Stompy’s seat which you thought was awesome. Then your father got hit by a car. Again, I know!. And as a result, we got a new car seat (fitted forward facing) and a hire car for a few days. You just thought that was the ants pants. You kicked and screamed something severe when we temporarily had to put you back into your old rear-facing seat but we soon got the new seat in our car and now you can see so much more. So that is one less thing for you to be cranky about. But it still leaves a whole lot of others. You are becoming ever more the quintessential toddler with your fits of pique and your irate demands. Compared to some other kids you are largely indulged I suppose but even we draw the line occasionally so there has been a lot of head butting this month. And when that doesn’t produce the desired response, you have also taken to hitting yourself in the head to let us know that you are really upset about something. I’m not sure what you expect that to accomplish…The only one who ends up hurt is you and it doesn’t get you what you want. However, you do persist.

June-2 Apparently you persist in your tantrums a little more with your father though. Several times this month he has told me that you have gone into full meltdown mode in public. You have been obstinate and stubborn and LOUD as you give your lungs a workout in the supermarket or wherever you both happen to be. At which point I hear you get picked up like a football and carted outside. You seldom try this on with me. I am not sure if this is because you have decided that I am a) harder to manipulate this way or because b) I spend less time in supermarkets with you. Both are entirely possible.

June-5 And whilst we are on the topic of supermarkets, you seem quite particular about supermarket visits. For example every trip to either Coles or Woolies requires the purchase of a carrot. There does not need to be multiple carrots but there has to be at least one. We were ready to go and pay for some groceries last week when you suddenly darted off as fast as your little toddler legs could carry you. You pelted towards the produce section with your arms pumping where you promptly selected a carrot and brought it back to your toddler trolley. Which is the other familiar aspect to our supermarket trips. If we are at an accommodating supermarket, you require your own personal toddler trolley. If they are not available then you need your own basket. Failing that, you prefer to help push the big trolley. Or carry something. You are not interested in being an idle passenger thank you very much. You like to help. You are also concerned when we don’t do things correctly. Like put fresh fruit and vegetables in the clear plastic bags. Bananas need to go in their own little bag before they go in the trolley apparently. So do a lot of other things. Although carrots do seem to be an exception to this rule…We spend a long time in supermarkets…

June-6 We spend a long time eating dinner as well on occasion. Once upon a time you would practically inhale your food and demolish everything we put in front of you. Not so much now. At least not at home where your parents are suckers. I’ll admit it. Sometimes we just really want you to eat something. We end up letting you get away with just trying everything on your plate before we give up and find you something else. Sometimes this takes a good 20-30 minutes though. And a lot of negotiation. Which your dad is either very good at or very bad at. When you are being stubborn and not eating something (to which we don’t believe you have a genuine aversion), your dad switches to persuasion mode. He tries to coax you into taking a couple of bites or eating some pieces of food that he has placed on your tray with the promise of something more appealing. Then, when you are finishing off the last bit, he selects more food for you and expects you to eat that as well. I can just imagine the arguments that will come when you figure out what he is doing.

June-3 Then, after you have been fed and cleaned, we have the bedtime routine which seems to have evolved a little. You still hate your teeth being cleaned. You suffer through it though (possibly under duress as I hold your hands out of the way) while I sing you the One Grey Elephant Balancing song. After this, you fight sleep as long as possible while you are read The Velveteen Rabbit. Your father bought this for you at a second-hand store and every night since then, it has been the bedtime story. Sometimes you are on a lap and can see the pictures but sometimes you are laying in your cot and just happy to listen. It seems to be a favourite as you will bring it to us at other times of the day too. It has been fantastic for getting you to sleep. It doesn’t work at 5am though.

June Your sleeping pattern still seems to come and go. For the most part, you do sleep through now. When you wake it’s usually before midnight and on occasion, you can self-settle. However you were trying on 5am for size at the beginning of this month and I don’t think it made anyone happy. In fact, it made us all decidedly cranky. Too Early Genevieve! Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to have become a regular occurrence. You have once or twice been so cranky when you wake up that I am not allowed to even pick you up but those times too are thankfully few. As for the rest of this month, well you’re always growing and learning new words. You’re not my baby anymore. You are my little munchkin who runs pell mell into life. Just like those cartoon characters that rear up in a pitchers stance with their forward knee raised whilst they twist their upper body and pull their opposite elbow back. You have this delightful little prepatory pose before you lean forward and race off somewhere, arms pumping rapidly to get you there that much faster. You can always make me smile.

Alles Liebe,



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