Week 78


Dear Genevieve,

You have turned into quite the cheeky little minx. We have become used to “more” and “again” but you have been stepping up your methods of demand and some of the results are terribly amusing. Like most kids, you seem to want more of some things when you already have them. Like bits of food. Now that you understand when we tell you that you have to finish what you have in front of you first, you shove it all in your mouth and immediately look up at us expectantly – well it’s all gone from the plate, isn’t it?


You have also learned to use your eyebrows much to your father’s amusement and dismay. You share my ability to raise one eyebrow as if to say “oh really?” but you also have the ability to lower one eyebrow when you are most displeased. You tried this on your dad the other night but he didn’t acquiesce to your unspoken demand and merely stared back. So you thought for a second and raised both eyebrows in a look of doe-eyed innocence because who can say no to that? Your father apparently because he still did not bend. After which point you fired your closing salvo of wiggling both eyebrows up and down suggestively which pretty much just had the effect of making him laugh. We give you props for trying though.


You have actually been trying a lot of things this last month. You now like to be involved and help out in the kitchen. We made you a kitchen helper to raise you up to the bench height so you are able to help dad cook dinner. You also like to watch when I do the washing up. You don’t exactly help as you generally put the clean items that I have already washed back in the sink again but that’s ok. I love that you try.


You are also getting more words as well. You have taken to calling the dog Roo Roo like the Neighbourette’s kids did before they could pronounce Reuben. You  obviously love him to bits and you like to join in when we ask him to sit, stay or wait. Sometimes I marvel at the connections in your head though because the first time you copied several of the commands, we then told you to say “good boy”, at which point you clapped your hands instead and smiled. You knew it kind of meant the same thing. It was very cute.


What is also cute is your reactions to songs. You love it when we sing to you (this is pretty much the only way you tolerate having your teeth brushed) and you especially love it when songs have actions. The Dingle-Dangle Scarecrow is always followed by numerous cries of AGAIN! You know just when to jump up and you giggle when we shake your hands and feet. Galumph (or der-glumph) Went The Little Green Frog is a favourite as is Incy Wincy and Row Row Row Your Boat. We have possibly set ourselves up for some issues in the future as we frequently sing the alternate version of that song rather than the original (the if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream version) but it is fun.


You don’t attempt to sing yourself at all yet but you do like people to sing to you. Which is probably why Play School is still such a big hit and why you have fallen in love with the Auslan Nursery Rhyme app on the iPhone. I will often hear either Twinkle Twinkle or Old MacDonald when I hand over the phone because I am a slack parent and I like to be asleep at 5am. I really shouldn’t complain too much though because you are a much better sleeper than some other babies I know.


Other than the Nursery Rhymes, we have been amusing you this month with Baby II. We bought you a new baby at a kids market for $1 to distract you and you have taken to carting her around the place. Your dad is a sucker and he went and bought you a toy bed for her and while he was at Ikea, he obtained some boxes so we have had a giant cardboard cubby in the living room for weeks. It is a perfect Genevieve size and just big enough to fit you and a parent or your couch and the new baby bed. It’s fun to play with but I must admit that I was hoping to get my floor back before now…


So, my little munchkin. The cheeky little monkey who loves to look at animals and who has taken to eating food from the top down, which is fine for a banana but not such a good idea for pizza, you delight us as always even though you grow up so fast.

Alles Liebe,



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