Week 74


Dear Genevieve,

As our first born, you currently carry with you all of our hopes and expectations. On the other hand, you get to grow up under none of the preconceptions parents tend to have about subsequent children. Incidentally, I am also not one of those parents who subscribes to a parenting “method” or knows all the milestones off by heart so I don’t know where you “should” be at any given stage either. I choose to consider this a relaxed stand point as opposed to a lax one. It makes me feel better anyway. So it constantly amazes me what you can do. And apparently you are doing pretty well.


Of late, there have been a few queries that have come up on the mother’s forum. Questions such as how do you get your little ones to use cutlery or how many words are they currently saying. I don’t think we can honestly say we “got” you to use cutlery though. It would be more accurate to say that you decided to take it off us. However, we did then make it easier for you by getting you a mini cutlery set because you choose to hold utensils at their very end rather than on their stem. You now use a fork and spoon because you got to the point where you weren’t happy with us feeding you. And now a good 90% of the time, you won’t even let us feed you. Occasionally I can “help” if you can’t get the last bits in the bowl.


Regarding your vocabulary, you are also forging ahead. You would at the very least have Mama, Daddy, doggie, bottle, apple, yes, up, p(l)ease, teddy, shoes, car, t(r)uck, (ba)nana and of course No. I’m sure there are more but off the top of my head, that’s what I can remember. You can sign bath, finished and food as well and your receptive language that allows you to understand and follow instructions is always greater than I anticipate. Like when I asked you where your ears were and you were like duh mum and showed me.


You seem to have a bash at everything else speech wise. We will say a word and you often try to repeat it. Consonants are tricky but you have an ear for all the vowel sounds…As long as the word is less than three syllables. You like to have fruit pouches for dessert at the moment and one of the pouches you have regularly is the apple, pear and cinnamon one. On a couple of occasions, your dad has asked you to repeat the main ingredients.
Say Apple……..A-poh.
Say Pear……..Peh.
Say Cinn-A-Mon………Mah-weh.
Cinn-A-Mon……..(you thinking)……..Mah-weh!
Three syllables is just too tricky to tackle right now. It totally cracked me up.

And speaking of food. There was a little while this month where you ate like a horse. You must have been growing because otherwise, I don’t know where it all went. Another mum commented that you were quite small the other day which I most likely took the wrong way but she probably just meant that you are not a chunky kid. You certainly looked like you were trying to change that with all the food you were putting away though. It was like you were a bottomless pit. You would need a snack late in the afternoon, you would eat as much if not more than me for dinner, you would polish off a fruit pouch for dessert and if we offered you a lactose free yoghurt afterwards, well that would disappear too.


The lactose free thing is something else that we are going with at the moment. It has been mentioned a couple of times that you must be lactose intolerant because you have had a cough you just couldn’t shake for ages. I was told in no uncertain terms by doctors though that a cough is not a symptom of lactose intolerance and you were probably fine. We eventually got you tested and you are apparently not allergic at all but you do seem to do a little better so we have decided to reduce it from your diet as much as possible. Which takes conscious effort and apparently a couple of lapses on our part. Half a mini milkshake for lunch was Not A Good Idea as we ended up needing to clean the car a half an hour later. Sorry you occasionally have dumb parents.


At least there are other things in your life that are pretty cool. You now love Play School. It is by far and away your favourite thing on television. Which is good as far as I am concerned because its one of the few things that I think are worth watching. In The Night Garden is mind-numbingly stupid (although you will watch this too) and Waybuloo is not much better. For English (language) shows, there is not actually that much English in them at all. I think there is more English in the song “Ning Nang Nong”!


The other thing this month was that we have finally given you a doll. It’s not that we were deliberately not giving you a doll before but you always seemed to find other things to play with at home so we weren’t bothered. We have noticed you gravitating more towards the dolls and kitchens and such at kindy and at the neighbours’ though so we gave you a doll that was made for me by my grandmother when I was little. “Baby” now goes everywhere. Which is certainly better than teddy going everywhere. For a while I was concerned that he might turn into your security item which would have been quite impractical as he is so big. Baby is irreplaceable but at least she is smaller. And you can still sleep in your cot sans accessories which is great. Keep that up too.

Alles Liebe,



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