Week 65


Dear Genevieve,

You reached another sort of milestone in the last couple of weeks as you weaned yourself quite early on in February. A development I have viewed with a mixture of joy and sadness. On the one hand, I now technically have my body back but on the other, you have never been that content to lay in my arms for long without feeding so I miss the closeness. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it.


I have known it has been coming for a while. Ever since I lost most of my milk supply due to the pneumonia and we started comp feeding you with formula, you have wanted it less and less. I did keep up with the night feeds through the transition but as you went through a period of sleeping more and drinking less, what little I had was diminished even further. So since you started favouring the bottle over the boob, I let it go.


Whenever I had thought about this eventuality in the past, I had been anxious as to how it would be accepted. I didn’t know if it would be a mutual decision or an imposed one and I wasn’t sure how I would get you to sleep if I could no longer feed you to sleep. It seems I needn’t have worried however as now your father does that part of bedtime and you often choose to feed yourself to sleep.


Apparently the two of you have a new routine. You rock in the chair together for a little while and then when you are ready, you point to your cot. You finish your bottle lying down and when you are done, you push the empty bottle through the bars and say “ta” until your father takes it off you. You then you roll over and go to sleep. Unless of course we would really like you to go to sleep without a fuss. Then your father ends up sitting in the nursery for an hour or more until you give up!


Overall however, the bedtime routine has been a positive change this month. I love that you get that one on one time with your dad because he no longer gets his coffee dates three times a week. Now he is back working the full 7 1/2 hours on your Kindy days, as soon as he picks you up, it is time to come home and get ready for dinner. This is a much better way for you to spend quality time together than the hours you got at the hospital.


On the not so plus side this month, you got quite sick and we were not sure if we were doing enough for you at home. You had a high fever that wasn’t responding well to medication and you were not keeping enough down to stay hydrated. You were lethargic and definitely not yourself so to be on the safe side, we decided you should be seen by the hospital. Given the timing, it made more sense for only one of us to go with you so your dad took you down and they kept you there for a few hours before letting you come home.


After that we decided to keep you at home for most of the week. Your dad and I both took days off work and we even invited Grumps to come up and spend some time with you so I could work from home. I think you enjoyed having someone else to make read you stories ten times in a row and generally boss around. Grumps found it terribly amusing when he took you into the front garden and you in turn took him off to Neighbourette’s house so you could play with your honorary big sister and big brother. You are not so keen on the little brother 15 weeks younger than you – him you are happy to ignore most days but the big kids are awesome.


The only other thing that stood out to me this month is that you really do understand more than I give you credit for sometimes. You don’t have the words yet to tell me you understand but sometimes I will say something to you not in that parrot prattle where I repeat the same idea with different phrasing and it becomes obvious that you got it. I don’t even have to use the exact same words, suggesting you might have only grabbed the gist of it the first time. Nope, sometimes you know exactly what I am talking about…and sometimes you are just a cheeky minx but I love you anyway.


Alles Liebe,