Train Tetris

Train View

Dear Lady On The Train,

This is just a guess but you have never played Tetris, have you? I am just supposing this because you seem particularly un-adept at being a functional and considerate passenger on public transport. Now this could be that you were either a) still half asleep (it was morning) or b) being rude on purpose (which I am really hoping you weren’t because that’s just lame) but it could also be that c) you just suck at Train Tetris.

The latter of course is a bit unfortunate because it’s actually not that hard. I mean there we were, three passengers seated along a three person seat (see Train View One). Convenient and comfortable for all until the passenger by the window (thats “Ps”) needed to get off. I was in the middle (“Me”) so that kind of meant that you had to get up first. Which you did. You even moved a step back so that the next person could move into the aisle. But then you stopped.

Now here is where the not so tricky but apparently challenging for you part was.  I did not want to get off the train. I wanted to sit back down but the person after me wanted to move out of the carriage. So with you stuck like a grumpy gnome smack bang in the middle of the aisle at the end of the seat, I couldn’t move in the opposite direction of the nearest exit allowing the passenger behind me easy passage. When I moved aside in the only other direction available so that the window seat passenger could exit the row however, I was now effectively blocking them from getting off the train.

Had you displayed even the slightest inkling of awareness or forethought and moved a step further back when you first moved into the aisle or even when you noticed the predicament you left us in (assuming of course that you are not a complete idiot), it would have been appreciated. As it was, the window seat passenger was left to squeeze past me whilst you remained unmolested by other passengers (in that way forced proximity seems to engender in public transport) and happy as a pig in mud.

I am currently enjoying the very un-grown up attitude of hoping that when you least expect it, a fellow passenger squeezes past you and sticks their butt in your face on the way through.

Cordially yours,

A Slightly More Mindful Passenger


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