Week 56


Dear Genevieve,

You, my dear, have grown into a little breakfast junkie. You constantly seem to be able to fit in more. If it comes from someone else’s plate of course (or bowl for that matter). We will always feed you what we think is a sufficient breakfast. And indeed, towards the end of it, you do slow right down and stop attempting to inhale your food. If we try to fill your cereal bowl again however, you are not interested. You are more than happy to take mouthfuls of weetbix from my spoon however, or fingers of toast from your father.


You were in heaven I think when we travelled to Canberra over Christmas. You got to spend a couple of days with your grandparents which meant two more people in the house. That made twice as many people for you to scrounge food from in the mornings. All those scrambled eggs went down a treat. You even let us feed them to you.

That is something else that I have noticed, you are far more willing to accept food when you can feed yourself. If we let you hold the fork or spoon, either by yourself or with assistance, you will often continue to eat. Otherwise you stop and close your mouth up tight or start flailing your arms in an attempt to get the food as far away from your mouth as possible. So this is our new routine. Breakfast and lunch are a bit more fluid but we always eat dinner together as a family and most of the time, we let you have a go at the meal by yourself first. You are pretty good too.


I am impressed with your dexterity in handling cutlery and picking up food. Now we just have to work on the transfer. It would be helpful if more of it ended up in your mouth and less ended up in your lap. Or on the floor. Of course, the stuff usually only gets on the floor when you drop it there on purpose. I did have to laugh in Canberra though. You were holding food to ransom over the side of your high chair until Grumps sternly told you No! He said he would be very unhappy if you dropped it on the floor. The look you gave him was classic. You practically rolled your eyes and the sound you uttered as you put the food back onto your plate was rather akin to Geez!


So also this month, we seem to have well and truly moved into the attachment phase. I swear, you have turned into my little limpet. You constantly want to be with me if you can see me. In my arms or hanging onto my legs. Merely looking me is not good enough. I can’t even get up to go to the bathroom if I leave the door open. You want to be with me or you start to cry and whinge. Unless of course something or someone manages to distract you (which does happen from time to time) at which point you couldn’t care less where I was in relation to you.


Usually though, you are never far away whilst we are at home. Which is occasionally inconvenient as you tend to pull yourself up on my pants and hang on to keep yourself upright. In order to stop you from toppling over, I have to remain standing in one spot which makes it nigh on impossible to reach the fridge, the bench with the kettle and the cupboards. Its like Kitchen Twister just to get breakfast ready. You do love to stand however. And you like to help.

Whenever I am loading the washing machine, you like to help with the dirty clothes. I use the term “help” somewhat loosely as you are pretty good at pulling things out of the front loader at the same rate as I am trying to put them into it. For some reason, you also seem to have a propensity for putting my underpants on your head? I have no idea where that came from. You are generally a lovely and loving little girl to be around though.


You are constantly trying to hug your Reuben puppy and you have started to volunteer your kisses with us outside of the bed time routine. You even crawled over to kiss Grumps when we were in Canberra. It was very cute. So in this regard, I hope you continue on exactly as you are now. Its wonderful to have you as a daughter.

And as you may have noticed, this letter is for December rather than the week after the previous letter. I may still tell you stories as and when but I think I’ll try for some monthly letters for a while. It will give me more time with you!

Alles Liebe,



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