Week 52

week 52-4

Dear Genevieve,

You are now 52 weeks old! That’s 364 days which is just shy of a year. You are not yet officially 1 but you are so very nearly there which is pretty amazing. You are still growing and learning at a rapid rate however, and there is always something that is not quite like it was before. Like my happy morning girl…

It used to be that whenever we collected you from your cot and brought you into bed with us, you would shower both your dad and I with smiles and play for a good forty minutes before getting bored or hungry or both. Now it seems that your window of favour is conspicuously less open or perhaps flapping somewhat in the winds of change. You will be fine one minute and then, bam!, in come the crocodile tears because you are not happy. So we try and cajole you back into good humour and you go back to all smiles for a couple of minutes until the window suddenly closes again and you are in turn yelling the place down.

week 52

Apparently we are moving into the stage where you are conscious of what you want but are unable to communicate this effectively to us. You are therefore left with the frustration of occasionally not getting all you desire. And I do have to say that it is only occasionally. You are pretty good at getting what you want. I have actually found myself wondering this week if I over-indulge you. Or perhaps I should rephrase that to wondering at what level I end up bowing to your every whim! It is natural for new parents to favour an only child I suppose (you don’t yet have competition – other than the dog of course) but I never wanted for you to turn out spoilt.

week 52-3

I can honestly say that I’m not one of those parents that swoop in like a bird of prey over every squawk. If you fall on your butt because you overbalanced, I will take no notice of the tears and merely tell you that you are fine. If you hit your head on the other hand then I am likely to offer you a cuddle. You are an extremely hardy kid however, as evidenced by the further fall off the play gym at Kindy this week which earned you some scratches on your cheek and face. It wasn’t a little tumble but you are still fine. So I wonder if I should back off somewhat and let you come to me first or try and teach you increased patience by waiting out more tantrums. One of these days I’ll figure it out. After its too late to go back and change anything of course.

Other than that, for the first time, your father put you to bed all by himself. I had an event for work that didn’t see me get home in time to join in the bedtime routine. Your father had to do dinner, bath and bottle on his own. Which I secretly think was freaking him out in advance. You both managed however, even though it became a slightly drawn out process.

week 52-2

Also this week we had your Christmas concert for Kindy during which you seemed in turn amused, confused and abused. After a while you were definitely not happy at being kept on stage in front of an entire audience of people. Then, to add insult to injury, when we got you home, your dad and I left you with Bepi so we could go to another Christmas party. I’m sure you had a lot of fun though so I actually don’t feel bad about it in the slightest. On Sunday we had a big day too because we dragged you out to another baby market but mercifully after lunch, you napped. So the rest of the household napped too. That was one of my highlights.

Alles Liebe,



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