Week 51

week 51

Dear Genevieve,

This week I was recovering from Pneumonia and still not 100%. In the scheme of things however, I was much better and able to actually function again which I am sure you knew because once again, you started waking up for night feeds. You seem to have this sixth sense when I am really not coping because at those times, you don’t tend to disturb me for feeds but as soon as I can handle them, there you are…

week 51-4

Since I wasn’t completely out of it this week, I did happen to notice a few things. Like the fact that you are far less inclined to accept smooth puréed food now and show preference for something chunkier. We are still trying to get it right because whilst you will eat a piece of dry bread, apparently you will not eat pieces of moist chicken. You love pesto pasta but another dish with lumps will be returned to sender. Other children I know chomp away on vegetable sticks with abandon but it seems you are not yet comfortable expanding beyond rusks. I figure you will get there in your own time.

Another thing I noticed was that you have taken to head butting the floor when you are displeased. Whenever you are not getting your own way, you will bring your head swiftly towards any available surface. Usually this is the floor but occasionally this is a large toy. Thankfully, you have never actually put your heart into it and really hurt yourself but there have been many tears. On your part of course. We tend to laugh because it’s kind of funny to watch. We never want for you to hurt yourself of course and we do intervene when we think that there is potential for a tap to turn into a smack but it is amusing.

week 51-3

The other notable this week was that we actually held your first birthday party. You are not yet one of course but when we were coordinating calendars with guests, it seemed that this weekend was the best weekend to host an event. And it turned out ok. Your dad made you an awesome birthday cake. The weather just held when we had everyone outside and all of your grandparents were there to wish you well. Apparently when I don’t drive the photography we end up with plenty of snaps of you by yourself or with us and none of your extended family but you did get some quiet time with Grumps at the end of the day which was nice.week 51-2

Alles Liebe,



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