Week 50

week 50-4

Dear Genevieve,

This week was really a blur for me. I started to come down with something last weekend and so decided to take the Monday off work. You’d be at Kindy and so I would have the house to myself. And the dog. I was sick two weeks ago and it was a sort of 48 hour thing so I thought this would be the same. I would just get over it and then get on with it. On Tuesday however, I didn’t feel much better. Swimming was definitely out of the question this week.

week 50-2

On Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling up to the trek into the city and so I stayed home again. On Thursday, when you and I were together, I figured I wouldn’t be up to it on Friday either so called work to say I still wasn’t going to be in the office. I had been through fevers and cold shakes. My body had been wracked with aches I could feel in my bones and I was wheezing and coughing. A lot. So much so in fact that during the third time I’d visited the doctors in a week, they finally diagnosed me with Pneumonia! I always thought that this was something from which the old and the very young suffered. I thought you had to be out exposing yourself to the elements or some such to contract this disease but apparently, no. I got it. And you were brilliant.

week 50-3

I’m honestly not sure how I got through two days alone with you. In the evenings and on the weekend I had your dad around of course but when it was just us, I have no idea how I did it because I was very out of it all week. I can only assume that you were an angel. I know that you actually started sleeping through your nights this week. Under other circumstances, this would have been received with much fanfare and hope that we had all finally turned a corner but this week, that fact slipped in under the radar. It was instead, simply accepted as it happened while I struggled to function and maintain some semblance of awareness of the household.

week 50

And that is all I have for you this week. I really don’t remember anything else. Thank you for being the sweet girl that you are though. I had a very hard week but I do know that it was so much better than it could have been. Somehow you knew just what to do.

Alles Liebe,



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