Week 49

week 49-3

Dear Genevieve,

You are a very opinionated little girl when you want to be. You know what you want and you are quite adept at making your desires known. Like earlier in the week when you wanted to stay and play at kindy. Your dad came to collect you one afternoon and he arrived when you were busy playing in the cubby house. You were actually happy to see him. You like having him around but you were not ready to leave so you crawled inside the cubby and shut the door on him.

week 49-4

I think your dad tried to get your attention again and encourage you to come out and accompany him. You got distracted enough to poke your head out and perhaps contemplate leaving but then thought better of it. And shut the door on him again. Nope. You weren’t going anywhere. It is this sort of stubbornness that we see in all sorts of situations.

week 49-2

Fortunately I guess, you are not overly inclined to huge tantrums when you do not (or might not) get your way. Don’t get me wrong, you can scream and shout and pitch a fit but compared to some other children of our acquaintance, you are a fairly placid sort of kid. Our ears aren’t usually ringing after you voice your displeasure. We also don’t have a collection of bruises or broken items when we happen to refuse you. So thanks for that. Sometimes you are even just grumpy and cute. You turn out this big pout and lower your eyebrows and have this face that broadcasts I am NOT happy even when your mouth doesn’t issue a sound. Stubborn.

week 49

But we can’t really blame you I guess because both your father and I know exactly where you get it. Your grandparents! And, well, maybe some of it comes from us too.

Alles Liebe,



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