Week 48

week 48-5Dear Genevieve,

I think you had a night terror this week. I honestly don’t know how else to explain it. One moment you were sleeping and the next, you were screaming your head off and practically inconsolable. It is not unusual for you to wake crying in the night. You seem to sleep for longer these days but you still don’t sleep through. You had not previously woken up screaming however. It was a bit disconcerting.

week 48-2You did calm down reasonably quickly and went back to sleep easily. And everything I read on the topic seemed to suggest that you weren’t even awake when we picked you up to calm you. It was not nice to see you so upset however. Especially as we had no idea what was wrong. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into regular occurrence. You don’t yet have the words to tell us what is wrong so we’re flying a little blind here.

week 48-3In happier news this week however, we rediscovered the jolly jumper. We put you in this months ago but whilst it did amuse you for a while, your reaction on the whole was kind of ‘meh’. You would bop around for a bit and then you were pretty much hey mum, I’m done now, what else have you got? This time around, being seemingly on your own two feet and having the ability to jump up and down was great fun. You had a ball spinning round and round and I must say, showed remarkable dexterity when you dropped your play thing.

week 48For whatever reason, you had my coin purse when you were in the jolly jumper the other day and you would not let it go. You were waving it about and not giving it back to me like it was the best game ever. When you accidentally dropped it however, you were unable to bend down to pick it up strapped in as you were. Not to worry though, your feet were close enough to the purse so you pincered it between your two feet and lifted until that purse reached your hands. I admire your ingenuity kid. Not to mention your flexibility and core strength!

week 48-4You did get tired of the whole jumping exercise after about 15-20 minutes though. You are not one of these babies that can spend hours just hanging around and need more varied stimulation. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Something that we are hoping to use as a distraction later on is bike riding. And in preparation for this, we bought you a stack hat. Its very cute. And little! You were also a trooper as we were trying to figure out the best design and fit. Hopefully you enjoy a real ride when we get the bike fixed.

Alles Liebe,



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