Month Fifty-One


Dear Husband,

There’s no place like home, hey? Except maybe that other place we checked out during the open house and definitely that last place we looked at for the property launch. It seems that houses were back on the agenda this month. Perhaps a little more your agenda than mine but I am usually happy to look. To be brutally honest, this is often because I am pretty damned sure that there is no way on Earth that I’m going to like it so it’s not like I might have to face moving house in the near future anyway. Sorry, but it’s kind of true.

I do have a list of things that are important though. I also have a list of things that are desirable. I have offered to give you this list if you are really serious about us moving but you have assured me on more than one occasion that you already know basically what I want. Which has confused me from time to time because apparently you only show me pictures of the places you think that I will like. Although I must admit that you have also let me know on plenty more occasions that I am never going to get everything I want in our price bracket anyway so close enough should be good enough. Unfortunately for you however, it’s not.

Just because something is a brilliant buy, doesn’t mean that I think we should make the jump. We saw a house recently that dropped over 30k in a matter of weeks because the owners were desperate to sell. When it finally sold, it was back on the market within a week because someone else knew what it was worth and could afford to sit on it for the period of time it might take to make that extra cash. It wasn’t our home though. I had problems with it. Some of them were deal breakers.

This is unfortunately a cause for tension between us. You seem to really want me to like things that I really don’t. You say you’re not desperate to move house but also that I should learn to see the potential in places. Structural changes probably aren’t in our budget but cosmetic changes are easy. If I like something however, I wonder where you expect me to go with that. The natural progression for me would be to seriously investigate selling our house and buying another one. And if I’m pretty sure I don’t want to commit to buying the new house in question – what is the point in liking it?

If we are going to spend a frivolous day looking at houses for the hell of it just to see things we like the look of, let’s stop checking out things in our price bracket. Lets jump a couple of hundred thousand dollars! If you want me to fall in love with a new place, find something worthy of the emotion. Like that house we saw at the end of the month.

I fell in love with this house. Admittedly the real estate agent was a bit of an a-hole and at the time the house was just out of our budget but it was gorgeous. It had floorboards for you and carpet for me. It had gas for us and space for the dog. There was natural light and ceiling fans and multiple living areas and four bedrooms and if it came up again today I would jump at it. But it seems that more frustration is coming our way because now every time I tell you I am holding out for something I like just as much, you tell me it was one in a million and we’ll never get that opportunity again.

Maybe one day the planets will align and we will find a new house. Until then we will have to be satisfied with the home that we have. At least it is one that we share.

Cohabitually Yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at this years Vivid festival


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