Week 47

week 47Dear Genevieve,

You will always grow up with photos around you. And cameras. I got hooked at a young age and ever since then, everyone around me has had to put up with my urge to document and display. Of course, in these days of the smart phone, it is not so unusual to produce photo essays of our lives but many of my generation have started late you might say. You on the other hand now have a running head start. We have tried to take a photo of you every day since you were born. A task at which we failed dismally not so long after we started but we usually manage at least 20 days in 21. There are loads of photos of you. Photos that have been shared around and now grace bookshelves and bedside tables and walls and wallpapers (the electronic kind).

week 47-3But just as important as those photos we have of you are the ones that we have of our extended family. Those near and dear to us that are not with us on a day to day basis. Some of these photos are on the wall of your bedroom or in the living room for all to see and you notice them which I think is awesome. Every time we are holding you near to these photos, you stop and point. You scan the faces looking for people that you know and I think you actually recognise us. Your face lights up when you can identify either your father or me…or maybe you just like the photo? I do think you are starting to recognise Bepi now too though.

week 47-2You love looking at images of us. Brief moments caught in time. I really hope you grow up cherishing things like this. It wouldn’t hurt if you turned out to enjoy taking pictures and developed a talent for it either. I adore good photography. And by the way, I’m not saying that I am fantastic at it. Your father thinks I frequently sell myself short so I will admit that I definitely don’t suck but compared to some of the people that I admire, I couldn’t hold a candle to them. Photography is something I enjoy though and something that I’d like to share with you, even if that is just pictures of our family. Or pictures of you. You look quite cute sometimes.

week 47-4This is a picture we took of you in your new red wagon. I let your dad loose at a baby and kids market and this is one of the things he really wanted. He is just a big kid himself at times. After we bought it, he promptly put you in it, along with several new toys and pulled you around the market as we finished checking out the stalls. He was, I believe, slightly showing off and reveling in the admiration from other parents> we were not the only people who thought it was a novel way to address the bored and wriggling infant problem. Up until this point you had been constantly squirming and making things difficult but the radio flyer wagon? That was cool.

Alles Liebe,



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