Week 46

week 46-4Dear Genevieve,

Sometimes I catch myself looking at you and musing over the fact that you are fast becoming no longer my baby. There will of course always be a part of you that shall remain my baby but since we brought you home from the hospital, you have changed dramatically. Not in temperament perhaps. You still seem to me the sweet child you were those many months ago but in appearance, in weight, in size, in skill and most definitely in ability, you are no longer the infant that you were. Whilst those changes have been dramatic in some respects however, they have also happened somewhat gradually to my mind. So much so that I wondered (not for the first time) the other day, when did you get so…big?

week 46-3At what point did you stop being the still newborn on the change mat and become the wriggly baby that could contort her body in such a way as to have her butt as far away from a new nappy as possible? When did you start to figure out that dressing went a lot quicker when you helped by bending your elbows or pushing your arms through sleeves? When did you figure out there was joy in being cheeky or that with your limited arsenal of sounds and gestures you could actually make us do almost anything you wished, sometimes for pure entertainment?

week 46-2Perhaps I underestimate you but you constantly surprise me when you seem to grasp something (either figuratively or literally) that I had assumed was beyond your reach. When you join in with purpose or even anticipate those elements that have become part of your routine. For instance your father kisses you goodnight every night before you go to bed, sometimes a few more times than others. For so many nights you accepted those kisses given in love with equanimity and silence but now you try to give them back. In the nicest sense possible. It’s still a bit hit and miss as to whether you have an open mouth or a closed one of course but they are definitely kisses.

week 46Despite your tender age, you seem remarkably…capable. You are inquisitive, apparently impervious to the general knocks and tumbles that are a part of becoming mobile and quite charming when you want to be. You have your own personality and whilst I admit to being completely biased, I think you are a pretty cool kid. I can’t wait to see how you grow up.

Alles Liebe,



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