Week 44

week 44Dear Genevieve,

You now like to try your ability at stepping and walking when we hold your hands. No longer content to stand still on the spot, you will lean your body forward or backwards because you want to move. Unlike another little boy we know a month ahead of you who doesn’t show the same desire to be mobile at all (and in fact if you take his hands and make him lean forward, he just keeps on leaning). You however, want to be off. You don’t quite have the control for a walker though. I’m pretty sure one of those could easily run away from you and leave you with your nose smashed into the floor but it won’t be long…

week 44-3

Of course, you are quite adept and smashing other parts of you into the floor. You had your second fall in a fortnight this week. It wasn’t a major fall such as the dive you took off the dining room table (thank goodness) but when you need to get somewhere else in a hurry, you don’t yet have the self preservation instincts to avoid taking a tumble. You are far more invested in making sure you can get up. On everything. You are now pulling up on the couch, your large toys, your parents and anything else that you feel has the slightest possibility of elevating your position. We are now expecting that you might be walking in the not too distant future.

week 44-2

You are certainly engaging more with the world around you. Although sometimes it is just to show us how cheeky you are. I have mentioned before that you know where every single button that produces noise from your toys can be found. And you press them with a startling regularity. Your dad told me the other day though that he caught you trying to climb somewhere that we would prefer you did not. Your dad tried to admonish you as you looked up at him with your contagious smile and your big blue eyes but you just reached down without breaking eye contact to press the song button on your turtle as if to say here, let me cunningly distract you with a song while I continue doing just as I please. What you fail to realise however is that we both have far more experience at being cunningly distracting than you.

week 44-4

Apparently what we (or rather your dad) do not seem to have as much experience in is how to change all the settings on the smart phones. It seems that every time you get a hold of your dad’s “shiny sparkly” (smart phone), you manage to change the background picture or some other aspect that then requires a further half an hour of playing around on our part to put it back the way it was originally. You haven’t yet worked out how to change the operating language into Chinese though so we still let you play with the phones. Of course, one might argue that before you manage to change the operating language to Chinese is a good time to limit your play but that is a fight for another day.

Alles Liebe,



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