Week 43

week 43-4Dear Genevieve,

Despite the fact that September is the first month of Spring, it seems that Summer has arrived. We had some really hot days this week and this meant that we got to put you in some cute summer clothes. Your dad has been getting a little carried away with the shopping recently though so you have a number of new outfits in addition to the ones that I have just pulled out of storage. You have just about outgrown all your “00” clothes and have now moved up to “0”. I love that you’re getting more personality and new skills but at the same time, it’s a little sad to see more of the things that made you a little baby disappear.

week 43-3

The fact that you are still changing so much is brought home all the more when you see your grandparents who are quick to comment. And without planning, this weekend, you saw all of them. We knew that Gigi and Grumps were traveling up to Sydney but quite on the spur of the moment, both Bepi and your Grandad ended up seeing you as well. If I had been a bit more organised (and awake), I probably would have made sure we had more photos but the week was kind of long.

week 43-2

You seemed to develop another ear irritation at the end of the week. It was in both ears this time though, so the doctors couldn’t categorically say whether it was viral or bacterial. It made you very grumpy and clingy however. Not your normal happy and gregarious self. You also had a number of late nights this week. We did know about the 60th birthday evening in advance but the others were unplanned and didn’t really help. Then of course there was the morning that you woke at 5am and wouldn’t go back down! That wasn’t fun either. On the whole though, you still slept for solid blocks of time (3hrs +) which is more than some parents get so I shouldn’t complain. But I still sometimes think wouldn’t it be nice if you only had one feed overnight…

week 43

As for everything else, well you are still very chatty and still quite mobile. You have the “worm” movement down to a fine art. You can traverse large areas of space in very little time which my Aunt assures me is the only way you can keep up with the other crawling babies at Kindy. Your dad apparently makes you practice a lot too by refusing to pick you up when he comes to take you home. He has told me he occasionally gets you to travel down the entire length of the corridor under your own steam. The corridor down which your voice can carry from the Tadpole room. Your dad also told me that as soon as he opened the front door one afternoon this week, he immediately heard some baby babble that he recognised. He had to admit yep, that one is mine. You were just chatting away to yourself and anyone who would listen. The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Alles Liebe,



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