Week 42

week 42-2Dear Genevieve,

This week, we took you to the zoo. It has been a while since we last went and we thought you might like to see the animals. The ones you could see up close in the farmyard I think did amuse you but the rest of the exotic creatures didn’t really make much of an impact on you one way or the other. Hopefully they will eventually because I love the zoo but right now, you are far more interested in things that you can reach out and touch. Like Reuben.

week 42-4

You have been aware of the dog for a while but you are starting to get more adventurous as you attempt to pet him and be up close and personal. Reuben seems willing to put up with you although I’m not sure how impressed he will be as you gain more and more mobility – and most likely less and less fear in terms of crawling all over him as you do us. Actually, you probably don’t even have that fear now, we just make sure that you are both supervised when together because you are strong and determined and Reuben is somewhat gangly and awkward when he is trying to escape in a hurry.

Although, if we keep you strapped into various contraptions, you can just run over Reuben if he gets in the way. Your dad bought you a trike this week. Complete with a seatbelt and a steering stick for mum and dad. As you grow older, this can become a normal tricycle for you but for now, it could be an entertaining alternative to a pram for short trips out. Not for running though. For that, your dad puts you into the running stroller. And I must say, he has been getting good use out of it lately. When we bought it you dad wasn’t quite convinced that it wouldn’t turn into a white elephant but pleasingly, he has been taking you and Reuben out quite regularly.

week 42

Another thing you have taken to doing at every opportunity is waving goodbye to people at the window. Since we have an ottoman under the window to the side of the front door, you happily stand up with at least one hand braced against the pane of glass so you can wave or point and whomever is coming or going. And from the other side, we can see your little eyes light up and a smile a mile wide which is very cute. It certainly makes the goodbye in the mornings a little longer as I keep turning to wave at you while I walk down the path.

week 42-3

The other thing we did this week was dinner at Bepi’s which was notable only because she has a slightly different schedule for encouraging you to feed yourself. Yet again, you were encouraged to have ai it. Maybe it’s selfish but you have been such a good eater and such a neat and tidy eater that I am somewhat loathe to give up the effective meal times in favour of you learning and experimenting and taking a much longer time and a creating a much bigger mess…oh well, I guess I can’t hold you back forever. And you do so like to help.

Allex Liebe,



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