Week 40

Week 40

Dear Genevieve,

Your dad seems to be on a mission to teach you as many socially unacceptable behaviours as possible. The latest one is the head butt. It’s a good thing you have a hard head. Some kids start to wail at the slightest tap. Some others take a quick look around to see if there is anyone available to offer comfort and sympathy before dissolving into racking sobs (but if there is not, they just go along on their merry way). You on the other hand, start to giggle. Head butting your dad is now the funniest thing ever. And they’re not insignificant knocks either. I’ve heard your dad come away for them saying ouuuuch! and he has got a hard head too! Once upon a time he actually knocked someone out (I will probably get in trouble for telling you that) so he is no sissy.

Week 40-4

So I can potentially see calls from a headmaster in my future that start out we have had an incident with your daughter…she has head butted another student…which, by the way, is not appropriate behaviour. It is entirely possible that your dad would secretly be a mite proud, especially if the reason you give someone a Liverpool Kiss is because some boy has tried to give you an actual one but I am hoping you learn a little more self control should you find yourself with the urge. There are other ways to communicate with people.

And speaking of communication, you now have waving down pat. You wave hello and goodbye and sometimes you just wave it’s nice to see you. You do it on your terms though. You are apparently not a performing seal so just because we ask you to wave goodbye, you don’t jump at the opportunity and do it immediately. Likewise, if we have a long goodbye with someone and you wave when we initially say we are going, you don’t always wave when we finally depart. Apparently, you snooze, you lose.

Week 40-3

You have so many other important things to do…Like learn to get around. You are definitely mobile now. You are not really crawling yet though. It’s still more of the worm type movement. You seem to eschew being up on your knees for being on your toes. You are excellent at baby yoga having pretty much mastered downward dog. Your core muscles are strong enough to keep you right up there on your toes. When you want to propel yourself forward however, you sometimes lower yourself till you’re on your knees and then you push out till your tummy is flat on the floor. If you have to move any distance, you bring one knee up as if starting a commando crawl but then bring your opposite knee level so you can push off and then repeat. The opposite arm to leg movement eludes you at the moment.

Week 40-2

The other thing I noticed this week is that you like to keep your hands warm when you sleep. I will often come in to find you on your stomach with your bum slightly in the air because both arms are partially under your torso. I realised the other day that this was your way of avoiding cold hands. I contemplated trying to find you some sort of mittens but I figured they would be more of a hindrance than a help and you seem just fine at the moment so I won’t mess with the program.

Alles Liebe,



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