Week 39

Week 39-3

Dear Genevieve,

Your new favorite habit is shaking your head. I do not think however that you are doing it to communicate negation. I just think you like the movement. Probably because it feels a little funny and it precipitates similar behaviour from us. It is very hard not to parrot actions that we think are cute. And this particular action also consistently produces a loud exclamation of No!?! What do you mean No!?! when we pick you up to take you out of your exersaucer, when we put you in your high chair, when we go to give you a cuddle…There were many times this week that I was at the other end of the house and I would suddenly hear your dad say loudly No?!? What do you mean, No!?!

So it seems we may have another habit to break you of shortly when our amusement finally wears off. This may yet be like the head wobble that you used to have which your father found endearing until he realised that you did it in front of the Indian lady at kindy when she fed you and he thought it might be seen as culturally insensitive. I still think that is kind of funny because you could hardly argue that you had any intention behind it but there you go. So whether you meant to or not, you have been saying a whole lot of “no” this week.

Week 39-2

Which oddly enough was more subtle than your actions when you have had enough of the food we are trying to feed you. Whether you don’t like the food in question or whether you have simply had enough of it, you have started to just push it back out with your tongue. And blow raspberries. You don’t avert your head and there doesn’t seem to be any warning system of sorts. You just decide all of a sudden that you have had enough and hit return to sender so out it comes. It’s very messy. And annoying. Which means it probably amuses you…

Week 39car

And speaking of amusing, since you are still rear facing in your car seat, we got you a mirror so that you could see us. We never bothered before because we weren’t concerned that we couldn’t see you when you were born and you weren’t seeing much of anything. After that, you developed so gradually that we didn’t feel the need to change the status quo. But oh my goodness, this mirror was one of the best investments we have made so far and we should have done it sooner! You are all smiles in the car now that you can see yourself and also us making faces at you when we turn around. It helps you to amuse yourself no end. It also helps us know when you have actually fallen asleep. Gold!

Week 39-4

So also this week, it was very much a week with Daddy. For starters, he actually got in the pool with you for your swimming lesson. You seemed to have fun, even if he did hold you under the water a little longer than I usually do. I got in trouble for that although I’m not really sure how it’s my fault. You were fine though and when you were on the big foam mat, you even had a go at crawling across it. It was a little more of a shuffle than a crawl but you looked so pleased with yourself when you actually got up on your knees. Then at the end of the week, it was Fathers day. Your first and his first. It was a long day out for everyone but it was good to be together.

Week 39

Now I know it has been somewhat of a recurring theme and it seems that each week, I mention that you have a bad cough. This week though, I am pleased to report that your cough is much better. It’s not gone but it’s not that bad either. On the other hand, you do have a middle ear infection and are on antibiotics. You can’t win, can you? You are getting bigger and stronger by the day. You are actually starting to sit unassisted now for significant periods of time. You just can’t seem to shake these infections. But don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Alles Liebe,



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