Week 38

Week 38-5

Dear Genevieve,

Can I just say “Ouch, I tell you. Ouch!”. Your teeth hurt man! All 8 of them. Now I know it’s not your fault. You are not biting me. That’s not the problem. Now that you are cutting more teeth though, it’s abrasive. There are a lot more sharp things to rub against as you suck and swallow and it hurts. Not to the point that I want to go that’s it and cut off your supply but I don’t really look forward to breastfeeding you. The pump is not that much fun either. It doesn’t have any teeth but I am often still sore when I start so it isn’t what you would call comfortable. Oh well. We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping it does go. Away…And takes your new habit with it.

I don’t know whether you just love the sound of your own voice or if what whatever we are doing is really pissing you off but you have taken to screeching like a banshee when you are not happy. We are trying to teach you the concept of an inside voice but I’d almost settle for an outside voice occasionally when faced with you belting out your displeasure at the top of your lungs. If things aren’t just so for you, you really let us know. So that’s what I don’t like at the moment. You are having your own issues.

Week 38-2

You have been getting more particular of late. At least with food. It used to be that whatever we put in front of you would practically be inhaled. Now things are a bit more hit and miss. It appears to be brands more than particular foods though. And specific lines more than the textures of the food in question. And to be honest, I tasted some of the things you turned your nose up at and I don’t blame you for not being interested.

Another thing you weren’t impressed with this week was your new car seat. Your legs got too long for the old one because whilst your shoulders were not past the line, your feet were sticking out the end. So we bought you a top of the line car seat. It’s cushy, it’s got all these safety and convenience features and it even has speakers in the head rest that you can hook up to a smart phone! You so don’t care. We have kept you rear facing because it’s safer for you but you’ve never faced the front so that’s nothing new. When you got to try out the seat for the first time though, you screamed. All the way to Kindy. Your dad told me you absolutely hated it. Thankfully as the week went on you got used to it because otherwise long car trips would be a nightmare.

Week 38

Another thing you seem to be getting used to is this sitting thing. Up until late, when we have let you go you have usually done the slow lean forward till your nose is in close proximity to your toes. Oh to be that flexible again…You do not immediately list to the side when not bolstered or propped up by something (or someone) but you don’t quite have the core strength to stay upright either. The moments between hey look, I’m not holding her, shes sitting and no, wait, there she goes are getting longer though, and you managed a wobbly couple of minutes today which was a surprise.

What’s not a surprise in that it seems to be a recurring theme now is that you still have a bad cough. I believe it’s something that we just have to wait out, no matter how painful or inconvenient but your dad is not always of the same mind. We had a fight this week about whether to take you to the doctor. He was for and I was against. My argument was that it wasn’t that I didn’t care or that I was lax, it was that I didn’t want to waste everyone’s time because I didn’t think anything could be done. Your dad’s argument was that I was not a trained medical professional so how could I possibly know. Let’s just say my mummy gut is still working…

Week 38-4

As is the mummy ability to function through constantly broken sleep. I think it’s probably about a year or so now since I had a solid night’s sleep. What a depressing thought…At the end of the pregnancy, I always woke up whenever I had to turn over because when your belly is that big, it takes conscious effort to manoeuvre. The plus then was that I didn’t have to get out of bed. Since you arrived though, I have been getting up for night feeds. You started to lull me into a false sense of security there for a week or two when the sleep stretches overnight got longer but now they have gone straight back to 3 hours at a time. Which is not as much fun. Apparently sleep is not a thing you love. Unlike banging things.

Week 38-3

You have well and truly discovered the joy of percussion. You delight in creating sound and will bang anything you can get your hand around. And I mean anything. Metal things are a real favourite. You will bang loud and you will bang long and generally attack the activity with gusto. You are not particular about which hand you use either as you will often swap implements from your right to your left hand and then back again. You are a very equal opportunity banger. I initially thought that this must be a stage that almost all children go through and then it was pointed out by another mother of three that no, you are a little more crazy than other kids. We love you anyway though.

Alles Liebe,



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