Week 37

Week 37-4

Dear Genevieve,

A comment that we get frequently from friends (and from strangers) is how happy and smiley you are. You are such a cheerful child most of the time. So much so in fact that it’s sometimes hard to tell if you are sick or uncomfortable because you seem so content. We expected to have a lot of grief when you started teething but more often than not, we have learned about new teeth after the fact. As in we look in your mouth and go hey, theres another one! I don’t know if they hurt you or not. Perhaps they didn’t. Or at least not very much. Perhaps to date you have been either sick or uncomfortable but never enough to get really upset about. This week was a little different.

Week 37-2

I think we have finally reached your pain threshold because this week, you were definitely not very cheery. Your cough is no better and you still suffer from short sharp barks, especially at night, that push all the air out of your lungs. After several seconds of coughing you often cry or moan as if to say mum, why does it hurt so much?!? I wish I could take the worst of it for you. And I even say that knowing that you must have been feeling pretty bad of late. At least some of the time. Since starting Kindy you have been getting very good at sharing. Just about every illness you have caught so far, you have given to me. And this week there was a doozy.

Week 37-3

One evening as we were getting you ready for bed, I started to feel a little off. After you had gone to sleep, I really wasn’t feeling good at all so I went to bed too. I felt queasy, I felt cold and I felt achy all over. Right up until the point that I tossed my cookies and worshiped the porcelain god. After that I felt much better. And up to feeding you when you next woke up. I must admit, I was worried that you might awaken whilst I was feeling disgusting and want a feed but thankfully, you slept through the worst of the bug that got me.

Week 37

This week, we also discovered that if I act like a complete fool, you think it’s really funny. Your dad makes stupid noises and faces at you all the time but for some reason, this week, I did my “chicken tonight” impersonation, complete with clucking and you started to laugh. It really is a lovely sound. I just wish I didn’t have to act quite so stupid in order for you to do it with me. Apparently I am not as fun as your dad. Or Neighbourette’s kids. They really are the big brother and sister you will never have. They dote on you and play with you and at the pool, they splash and shout at you with complete abandon while you sit there and laugh. We are very lucky.

Alles Liebe,



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