Week 36

Week 36-2

Dear Genevieve,

You and your dad have this new game going that gets played every night before you have a shower. As I undress you on your change table, your dad likes to surprise you, scare you and tickle you. Although not necessarily in that order. One of the things he does is to walk out of your bedroom, pulling the door to, and then burst back in with a loud Boo! Depending on how long he stands outside your door, your conception of object permanence goes and he ends up scaring the crap out of you. When you are at least topless and looking at him though, he will often give you raspberries (under your arm mostly) until you laugh.

Week 36-5

Another thing he does is to move out of your line of sight by getting down on the floor beside your change table. From there, he will call your name until you twist around to peek over the edge at which point he moves his face right up to yours and sings out peek-a-boo! This doesn’t scare you so much as surprise you and cause you to bury your head in the change mat whilst pushing your butt into the air before lowering it and resting on your chest. It’s a somewhat difficult movement to describe. It’s almost a crawl as you actually propel yourself towards the wall (I have to grab your feet so you don’t bash your head) but not quite. It’s kind of like “the worm”. It amuses your dad no end though. And he took this photo the other day which he keeps looking at because it makes him laugh.

Week 36

Speaking of photos, we had a family portrait session this week. Your father and I had portraits taken last year on our anniversary when I was pregnant with you so we decided to go back this year now that you are here. It was a long day for you with a fair bit of travel, new people and being asked to smile constantly (not that you fully understand that yet). We also kept telling you to stick your tongue back in your mouth. As soon as it was gone, we’d look at the camera but every time we looked back at you, there it was again. At the time I was thinking this was a new thing but then I started looking over old photos and realised that you have been doing for a while…

Week 36-3

You, madam, just like doing things your own way. Even sleep. I heard this week that whilst you do nap at kindy on the days that I work, apparently you are not partial to doing it in a cot. They have perfectly nice beds set up for all the infants but you, they need to put in the pram. If we are out with friends, you won’t sleep in our pram. At least not if we put you there for that purpose. If we are walking about, you might eventually fall asleep but if the pram is not moving, not a chance. At kindy though, this is usually the only way they can get you to go to sleep. Go figure.

Week 36-4

The only other thing I have noticed this week is the face you have started making when we feed you. I’m not sure why you do it. It doesn’t seem to be something you do when you have had enough or when you are not partial to what we are feeding you. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it at all. During most feeds however, at some point you will screw up your nose, squint and pinch your lips. And move your head as far away from food on a spoons you can get. It’s very inconvenient.

Alles Liebe,



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