Week 35

Week 35-5

Dear Genevieve,

You started swimming this week. You still are not 100% healthy (neither am I) but you seemed well enough to be put in a pool so off to swimming we went. And you did really well. Last time we took you to the pool, you seemed a bit unsure of being in such a large amount of water. You clung to me nervously and became distressed when you were splashed. This time I submerged you with no issues.

As this week was your first lesson, the instructor said to keep your head above water and to take it easy. About half way through the lesson though, she said you seemed comfortable so I should try submerging you. You were happy as Larry. You weren’t that interested in learning to kick in the pool but you were quite happy to splash around and go for a dunk. And that is half the point of lessons. They are not swimming lessons so much as water awareness. They want to teach you not to be afraid of the water and (should you ever fall in) to always turn back in direction from which you fell and grab the edge.

Week 35-4

So you were happy at the pool and you are happy at Kindy. You have been doing your three days a week for a month now and you have settled into the routine of it all. Your dad tells me that you now recognise the staff when he drops you off in the morning. Instead of leaving you going hello, you’re a new person, are you going to entertain me?, he leaves you going hey, cool, I know you, we have fun together! Which is hardly surprising because you get a lot of love at Kindy. Everyone knows that you are Miss Dawn’s great niece. And apparently various family members come and abscond with you from time to time for a cuddle. You don’t get any special treatment at all…

Week 35-2

And of course, you being in day care for a month means that I have been back at work. Which is great except for the fact that my office is not what you’d call breast feeding friendly. When we had the new office fitted out last year, it never occurred to me that I might need somewhere to express this year. It wasn’t that I thought I already would have given up breast feeding by now, I just didn’t think about it at all. So since returning, I have been faced with the need to express during the day in an open plan workplace where the meeting rooms and offices have windows for walls and most of the internal doors don’t have locks.

Week 35-3

I know breast feeding mothers have rights and all that but I am just not someone who is comfortable getting their boobs out when anyone in the office could just walk in or peek through a window. Actually, I probably wouldn’t mind it if I was breast feeding but there is something both awkward and almost embarrassing about a breast pump. So I use the comms room instead. A room which has a handy power point, no windows, no reason to be entered by most of the staff and a lock to which most of the staff don’t even have a key anyway. Which is great. And cold…But there is still something somewhat undignified about sneaking of to a cupboard with a server rack in it. Oh well.

Week 35

Everything is worthwhile when I get home to see your smiling face. And you do smile. All the time. I remember months ago when I was concerned that you didn’t laugh and were always so serious. It used to take great effort on our part to get you to crack a smile and even then, they were fleeting. Now you can be all smiles. And other people see it too. We get so many comments about how gorgeous and happy you are. So we have to be doing something right as parents. Hopefully we don’t screw that up. We love you and we do try our best.

Alles Liebe,



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