Week 34

Week 34-3

Dear Genevieve,

You still have your cough. I don’t know that I could actually say that its getting worse but its definitely not getting better. It’s worse at night though and whilst it doesn’t fully wake you up (for which I am eternally grateful), it’s terrible to hear as the sound rips from your tiny frame. It’s not nice to watch either as your whole body spasms. I try and get you as calm as I can before I put you down for the night in the hope that you won’t cough as much, but sometimes you still need to get it out of your system. Of course, on Friday night, you apparently had to get something else out of your system.

It was really weird. I fed you before bed as normal and then you slept for a few hours. Not unusual at all. When you next woke, I fed you again and you seemed quite hungry. As you were finishing the side though, you started coughing and then all of a sudden, the whole feed came back up. So we both got changed and I tried to settle you again and feed you the other side. You drank a lot and when you were just about asleep again, you had another coughing fit and the whole feed came up again! By this time, we had just about exhausted clean linen for your bed and sleepy sacs so your dad settled you to sleep. Skin to skin together on the couch. Where you spent the rest of the night.

Week 34

I have no idea what it was that made you throw up. We figure it must have been something in my milk as you emptied your stomach after feeding on each side. The only thing I ate between your first feed of the evening though and the ones where you were sick, was a packet pasta mix. That didn’t seem to be the sort of thing that would make you ill but if not that, then I have no idea what made you spew! I suppose I should be thankful however that you didn’t actually lose your dinner because that would not have been pretty. As it was, it was just milk. Whatever it was though, it would appear that it was limited to that feed or that time because you were fine the rest of the weekend. In Canberra.

Week 34-2

Since it was Grumps’ birthday on Saturday, we decided to head down for the weekend to celebrate. You travel quite easily now so spending three hours in a car is not an ordeal. You don’t sleep spectacularly well in the port-a-cot though so I could have gotten a little more sleep over the weekend but you didn’t seem at all traumatised by this fact so I guess that’s ok. You also got plenty of cuddles and attention which you seemed to enjoy. You had Gigi to read you stories and of course your dad to make faces at you when we brought out the jolly jumper. Which amused you for a little while.

You know, a lot of kids love those. Some little nippers can be thoroughly entertained if they are strapped into the small blue harness and there are babies that seem to think this invention is hilarious. You seem to think its ok. Sure, you bounce up and down a bit and turn around in a circle but you still want company. You are a very social baby. At times I have seen you quite content to chatter away to yourself but apparently not when the jolly jumper is involved. Perhaps you just don’t like being strapped in and contained. You like to be free. Actually, what you really like most at the moment is the mirror. We have a large mirror on the floor behind our couch (because that’s the only place it fits at present) and I frequently set you down in front of it when I am pottering. You seem to think this is fantastic. Your face breaks out in huge smiles and you enjoy seeing your reflection. It’s very cute.

Week 34-4

And there wasn’t much else major this week. Yet again we didn’t make it to your swimming lesson but this time because I was too sick. You gave me your cold! I am really hoping that we’ll get there next week. At least we should get some family passes for the lessons that we couldn’t attend due to illness…And this way, your dad can come with us on the weekend some time.

Alles Liebe,



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