Week 33

Week 33

Dear Genevieve,

You were sick again this week. You were not miserable or irritable. You still slept and your appetite didn’t suffer at all but you were sick. You got a snotty nose which you have had before but you also got a bad cough, the likes of which we haven’t heard from you previously. It is a sharp, barking cough that sounds piercing and painful and our hearts go out to you when it seems to tear your breath from you in your sleep. I am assured by other mothers though that this is the “child care cough”. And that it will last for months.

Week 33-4

We did actually get you checked out by the doctor. Although that was more for the doctor’s certificate to excuse you from your first swimming lesson. Your lungs were fine though and your responses were just what a little girl’s should be. So you didn’t have pneumonia or anything else that required more attention or antibiotics. You just needed rest and fluids and I thought you probably needed a couple of days at home.

So this week you had four days with me at home and unfortunately no swimming lesson. You did have Bepi come over and play with you however so your dad and I could have a date night. You had a great game going together with some tissues and you were giggling as she kept dropping you on the couch. You did seem to think though that having someone different in the house was a perfect opportunity not to go to sleep. You were out like a light when we left but had been up for at least an hour by the time we got home. If you don’t want to do something, you really let everyone know. Day care has apparently learned this too.

Week 33-3

I believe they try to give you two naps each day that you are there but one time when they put you down, you were so not interested. You made sure that everyone near you knew it as well. They couldn’t put any of the other kids down in the same room with you. One of the women even told your dad that she had thought the fire sirens were going off on the other side of the building then realised, nope, that’s Genevieve! So apparently you can be quite loud. And wriggly. You don’t make changing your nappy very easy either. The rest of the time however, you seem to go with the flow. And the roll.

Week 33-2

You are not yet crawling but you do not let that stop you from getting exactly where you want to go. We are used to you waking up in all sorts of different positions in your cot and apparently at day care, they have put you down on one side of the room before and the next time they turned around, you were over the other side! They tell us that they think you will be crawling very soon. I kind of think why would you bother? Your current method works just fine.

Alles Liebe,



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