Week 32

Week 32-2

Dear Genevieve,

You napped really well this week. And you had some long sleeps. For the second time in your short life, you actually slept for 9 hours straight! It was awesome. You also managed a couple of 6 hour stretches which were, I have to say, greatly appreciated. I don’t think I am naïve enough to assume that this means you are about to start sleeping through the night (although maybe my real problem is that I don’t believe you will right now?), but I got to take advantage of the longer windows of time and I am hoping that they don’t disappear as suddenly as they arrived.

I know you can last if you really want to. I don’t think you actually need food because you eat like a trooper. Perhaps its just habit that has you waking up regularly? I know sometimes I think wouldn’t it be nice if you could sleep through the night on a regular basis but then I try to remember that I have so many other blessings. I know that there is a mother in my mother’s group who still feeds every two hours or so. I know other mothers that spend 40 minutes to an hour to finish a feed. There are still more mothers within my acquaintance that can spend hours settling their little ones back to sleep in the middle of the night. I’ve never had those situations with you.

Week 32

When you wake, you feed well (you are pretty much back to the one side all the time now), you doze off and then I put you back down in your cot asleep. On the occasions that you are not asleep, you have always been sleepy. You might whine or moan for a few minutes (and you definitely toss and turn) but then you settle into slumber. And in that sense, you are perfect. You have probably spoiled me. If you end up with a brother or a sister, they’ll probably be up at all hours and it will be a rude shock!

Week 32-3

We are very happy to have had such an easy time with you so far. We think you’re tops. We are biased of course but then, all the ladies at day care seem to think you are pretty cool too. Apparently you have settled in really well. There have been no major hissy fits or tantrums and you are quite a cheerful child. The one comment they have made is that you are not very impressed when they cordon you off from the big kids.

Week 32-4

At the beginning and end of the day when they are not fully staffed, they put some of the older kids in with the babies. To make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or trodden on though, they put you in the play pen. You don’t really appreciate the gesture however, and don’t see why you are not allowed out to play with the big kids. With a giant canine in the house and the Neighbourette’s kids a couple of doors down, it takes a lot to intimidate you and you are up for anything.

Alles Liebe,



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