Week 31

Week 31-5

Dear Genevieve,

This week was a really good week. This week you got some quality daddy-daughter time because daddy did day care…and coffee. After months of me being the first person you would see when you woke and the one who would dress you and feed you breakfast etc., on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it was daddy’s turn. This week I started back at work part-time and on those days, your father was responsible for getting you ready and doing the drop-off and pick-up from day care. Unlike last week though when I was more than happy to leave you in care, your dad did not find it so easy. When I asked how he went on the first morning, the response was “fine for her but crap for me!”.

Week 31-4

On the up side however, your father gets to work shorter days when you are at kindy so he gets to pick you up in the afternoon and hang out with you until I get home in the early evening. And what better way to hang out than to go for a walk or go grab a cup of coffee (or in your case, bottle of milk). Apparently the two of you are very cute when you are out at cafes together and your dad gets much better service when you are there to bring the cute factor.

Week 31

This week was also good because on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we had more fun together. Some mothers I have met are women with seemingly boundless energy who are always ready to throw themselves into playing games or stimulating young minds. I am not one of these women. I find that if I get some time to myself to recharge my batteries however,  I am then happy to spend that energy in the service of others. So now that I have gone back to work on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s, every second day, I am all yours. And this week we went on several walks, we went out and had a picnic lunch and read lots of stories.

Week 31-2

Lastly, this week was good because you were very good for your grandad. Your father was lucky enough to get his hands on some free tickets to Hot Shoe Shuffle showing at one of the theatres in the city. The tickets however needed to be picked up in person right on your bed time. We managed to juggle this by your dad training into the city and me getting you ready for bed an hour early in the hope that you would sleep for as long as possible. I was a little worried when you decided that grandad feeding you dinner was not on and when you seemed to wake soon after being put down but I did go out to meet your dad and hope for the best. And apparently, you did sleep for a few hours and were even back to sleep after a feed by the time we got home.

Week 31-3Alles Liebe,



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