Week 28

Week 28-4

Dear Genevieve,

This week was not a good week for you. Through no fault of your own. No, this week it was my fault. I clocked up a big parenting fail because this week, you had “The Fall. A couple of months ago, on your dad’s watch, you had “The Roll”. The one where you dropped of the couch. On Tuesday, you fell off the dining table. I had placed you in your bouncinette and as I stood a couple of meters away from you and turned my back to put some clothes in the washing machine, I heard a thud and then a scream. Then, with my heart in my throat, I turned around to find you face down on the linoleum floor. Under your bouncinette. Not my finest moment, or yours.

In hindsight, I should have been a bit more circumspect when I picked you up but the moment I turned around, instant panic set in and I scooped you straight into my arms. You had some blood in your mouth which slightly freaked me out as I yelled at the dog to get outside and I grabbed my keys ready to race you to the hospital. As my mind was going a mile a minute with oh-my-God-what-have-I-done thoughts whilst you were screaming your lungs out in your capsule, I phoned the community health nurse on the way to the hospital. Also in hindsight, not my brightest move as so many accidents happen with cars and mobile phones.

Week 28-2

Anyway, I was prepared for the questions after last time (which was helping to make me feel a little better about the situation) so I relayed all of the pertinent answers to the nurse after we established that yes, there was actually already a record for you in their system (which made me feel a little worse – we are apparently the parents that let you fall off things). She suggested that I could just take you straight to the hospital or I could pull over and try to comfort you and check on your neck and the bleeding situation. I stopped to try and calm you but you wouldn’t have a bar of it. You did appear to be moving everything as you ought however and the blood from the bitten lip and tongue had abated.

When I got to the hospital, the triage nurse checked you out and said you looked ok but she wasn’t sure if you were still in shock or if there was another issue so we went into emergency proper and they gave us a bed. What proceeded was an hour of screaming (and I mean at the top of your lungs screaming), some Neurofen and then a smiling baby for the next 5 hours before we went home. It probably would have been a shorter visit but for the fact that your father requested a check up from an actual paediatrician.

Week 28

Your dad had joined us in hospital after you had calmed down (which was probably a good thing). He said that as much as he likes getting the afternoon off work, this was not the way to do it. Since we were in hospital though, he wanted to be extra sure that you were ok so we had to wait over an hour for the paed to arrive. She seemed to agree with the emergency staff however that you seemed fine but we should keep an eye on you. The indicators of internal bleeding in the skull and the torso were absent, your eyes tracked and held focus and you were calm so they let us go with the recommendation to follow up with our GP on the following day.

Now whilst you were actually fine as far as we could all tell, I did maintain several degrees of worry over the next couple of days. Especially because you lost your appetite and your suck. I had previously maintained that you could pull a golf ball through a garden hose so when I had trouble getting you latched and could hardly feel you once you were there, I was concerned. When you practically passed out after what little milk you took, I was concerned. When you showed no real interest in solids, I was even more concerned. Apparently this is all fairly consistent with face trauma but I was worried you wouldn’t get enough nutrition or you would get dehydrated or that the exhaustion was severe lethargy and was because I had somehow given you brain damage and destined you for a life of hardship…

Week 28-3

As it turned out though, the worst of the accident really was the small bruise you got on your chin. We kept you dosed on Neurofen for the next couple of days as per the GPs instruction and slowly your feeding went back to normal. So much so that we stopped spooning solids into your mouth not when you refused any more but when we thought you couldn’t possibly need more. I don’t know how you fit it all in your little body! Apparently I was a bit of a paranoid mother when I thought you wouldn’t get enough nutrients. You sure sorted me out. I hope we don’t have to go through something like that again though. And I hope this isn’t like a thing right before you get immunised. The other incident happened right before your 4 month vacs and I had actually booked you in for your 6 month vacs the day that you ended up in hospital. This is not a good way to put off getting jabbed.

Alles Liebe,



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