Week 27

Week 27-2

Dear Genevieve,

This week you got to spend some quality time with your Aunty Squishy. My sister decided to take a week off work and came up to stay with us for a couple of days. I’m not sure if you’re quite at the stage of having “fun” when you spend time with your doting extended family but thats ok because I had a great time. I had forgotten how similar my sister and I are and there were frequently times when we would make exactly the same gesture or response. Some other people find that a little creepy or weird but I think that’s one of the best things about having a close sister. Hopefully one day you get to experience that.

Week 27-3

So this week we did some of what we normally do, such as Baby Rhyme Time at the library, and some things we don’t normally do, like a full day of shopping. That day was a long one for you and getting stuck in traffic on the way home did not impress you in the slightest. You screamed. A lot. On the whole though, you handled the change in (for want of a better word) routine quite well. You engage with people a lot more now and you actively play with toys as well.

Week 27

One of the free things we acquired for you before you were born was this exersaucer/play station (not to be confused with the Sony machine) thingy. It’s not quite a walker because it doesn’t go anywhere but you sit in it and can twist around to play with the toys mounted all around the edge. There are some buttons that play midi music nursery rhymes, some hard things that spin and soft shapes you can chew. You don’t get so absorbed that it wouldn’t matter if people were there or not, you still like the company, but you are happy to play more or less by yourself for more than a minute at a time. Which was pretty handy this week.

Week 27-4

I decided to get all crafty this week. I have wanted to make you a quilt for ages and with my sister here (who is really more crafty than I), it was a great incentive to get started. Getting started was about as far as I got though because what began as a simple cot blanket turned into a single bed quilt. Then I decided that I had so much material that I should make a cot blanket in addition as a trial run before I finished your quilt. I have finished the top of your quilt though. Under your aunt’s supervision as she had to keep a close eye on me to stop me from screwing it up (or covering up my mistakes when she wasn’t looking). And whilst I was absorbed in this project, you were mostly obliging by sleeping, playing and you know, taste testing the material. You were very cute.

Week 27.1

You were also cute when I put you down to sleep for a nap and you started to fuss immediately but then rolled yourself over onto your stomach and promptly passed out. I normally make sure to at least put you down on your back (which I guess I did then too) but since you seemed so determined to sleep on your tummy right then and there, I just let you be.

Alles Liebe,



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