Week 26

Week 26-4

Dear Genevieve,

You seem to have picked up the cheeky habit of grinning occasionally when we try to feed you. Which sounds cute and adorable except for the fact that every time you grin, you move your tongue towards your lips. This in turn means that anything which was in your mouth will then be pushed out of your mouth. Like food. All down your chin. Onto your bib. Over your hands…from whence it can go absolutely anywhere really. It’s usually a big cheesy grin too, allowing for maximum oozage of semi-solids mixed with spit. Do it while you can kid, cause right now, you still look damned cute. Later, it will probably evolve into that joke where you play on “seafood” and “see food” but by the time you get to my age, it’s pretty much considered totally inappropriate. Adults are so boring.

Week 26-3

So I am happy to report that I actually don’t think you bit me this week. Maybe the pinching worked! Of course, maybe your teeth or gums have shifted again and you didn’t feel the urge to “scratch an itch” so to speak and grind both your top and bottom jaw together…on me. Either way, I didn’t get bitten and you didn’t get pinched so win-win. That was a positive for this week. What wasn’t so positive, at least for you, is that dirty nappies now seem to be a source of discomfort.

The nappies are so absorbent these days that you don’t get to feel wet. At least until you fill them to capacity at which point the pee kind of leaks out and wets your clothes. Which has started to happen occasionally overnight. But despite all the innovations in the market, you still feel if you are dirty. When we were still in the hospital, the head lactation consultant assured us that babies don’t mind soiled nappies cause its just like a mud bath for your butt. That may have been the case for you previously but I think that now that you are on solids, the game has changed. You are not such a happy camper anymore. Fortunately you seem to prefer to have your movements in the late morning so I don’t have to wake up. Yes, your mama is selfish and doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by your poop. One day you might have your own pooper trooper and you’ll learn.

Week 26-2

Right now however, you are very much still a baby. Even though you are growing fast. I had to pack away another stack of clothes this week. Truth be told, you were out of the long onesies before now because you seem to have inherited my long legs but I had to admit this week that you are all together not a 000 sized baby anymore. Which is a shame cause some of those outfits were great. And the next size block definitely holds more useless summer clothes than useful winter ones. There is definitely potential to buy some more disgustingly cute outfits with hoods or beanies over the coming weeks though which could be fun. Certainly, buying you new outfits would be more fun than the time we had at lunch with my boss. Which was not because lunch with my boss was bad, it was just that you were not so crash hot on the venue.

This week I needed to discuss my return to work which is also unfortunately the imminent leaving of you. This was supposed to happen on Tuesday when I knew you would be able to stay with your grandmother Bepi and your great grandmother after we all had morning tea. I was confident that they would be more than happy to spoil you rotten. Unfortunately, lunch was rescheduled for Friday however, which meant you needed to come with me. I don’t think you really enjoyed it.

Sitting amongst a swarm of corporate men and women in a loud, dark and noisy venue is worlds away from the life you know day to day with the puppy and I. And once the novelty wore off, you let me know that you weren’t very impressed. You were very…vocal. Not crying so much as whining and squealing. Fortunately, my boss wasn’t phased and you have to work much harder than that to embarrass me so you had to endure until we were ready to leave. You got some more cuddles with your great nana that afternoon though so I reckon that makes up for it.

Week 26

So all in all, it was a pretty good week. We did have another day right at the end when you just couldn’t settle for long periods and had to give you some pain relief so you could sleep. We still haven’t seen more teeth so who knows why you have these bad nights but fortunately we haven’t had too many of them.

Alles Liebe,



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