Week 24

Week 24

Dear Genevieve,

Now that the weather is a little cooler, I have to say that zippered hoodies are the best thing ever. I mean, when I go in to feed you at night, they allow me to ostensibly rug up in a jumper but also leave you access to the boob. And, you can play with the strings from the hood, stopping you from scratching, punching and pushing at me. Win-win!

So this week, like last week, we really screwed with your routine. Not that you actually have a fixed routine but we have been putting you down for the night mostly between 5:30pm and 6:30pm for a little while now and I have been making you nap more during the day. This week we had a couple more days and nights out of the house though and I think that takes its toll on you.

Week 24-3

Sometimes I worry that I am not giving you enough structure and routine. I wonder whether you would be happier if you always had a bath before bed and you always heard the same music playing or we read the same story. I have tried to incorporate some of these things however, more often than not, I just forget. Sorry! You get to the point that I really believe I need to put you to bed and then it’s nappy change, into the sleepy sack, kiss daddy and have a last feed. At which point, we’re way beyond the time to stick you in the shower or read to you, and the sleepy music is on the iPhone at the other end of the house. I sing you the same lullabies when I am trying to comfort you but then I don’t sing them every night. Is that a failure as a parent?

And is it bad that I like how you are really cuddly when you are sick? You got another cold this week. You were all snotty with big wet boogers up your nose that could only be removed with the nasal aspiration thingy. Once again, you weren’t very impressed when we shoved it up your nostrils but the exercise did mean that you could breathe properly. We never want you to be sick. Our hearts go out to you when we know you are suffering and you just don’t feel right. You are however, more content to just cuddle up to me and rest when you’re under the weather and thats kind of sweet. Normally you move around a fair bit. Although I have to say, not as much as some babies.

Week 24-2

You like to kick. You have done for ages. Sometimes it seems like your little legs are always pumping (or thumping depending upon the orientation of your body). We see this when we hold you. When you are in your bouncinette. When you are on the change table…You also like to know what is going on all the time (so much so that you hate to sleep when we are out in public) and will twist around so you can see everything around you. We sometimes call you our wriggle worm. For all that you seem constantly engaged and interested however, you don’t seem to have the same kamikaze instinct that sees other babies launch their body like a mini projectile in all sorts of directions. I can in fact hold you with one arm.

I can hold you against me by snaking one forearm under your butt and then just walk around with you. Some babies require the additional support of the opposite hand on their torso lest they catapult themselves towards the ground but you seem to have a bit more self-preservation. That doesn’t mean we don’t have that extra hand available, just in case. You are still learning how heavy your head is and occasionally it leads and takes your body somewhere I don’t think you were expecting to go. In general though, holding you is not like holding a wild cat and more like holding a pussy cat. You are just not still. Unless you are really tired or sick.

Towards the end of the week though you were a little better. So of course we ended up pushing you, especially on the Sunday when we went spent practically the whole day out. We started off at the baby markets where we braved the crowds and came out with a couple of bargains. I have a feeling that some of the purchases were a little more for us than you – your dad was in pram heaven – but we were glad we went. After that, we went to the Medieval Fayre. This too was crowded and I was off in my own world a bit when I was taking photos. I think your dad was enjoying all of the people who wanted to stop and look at the cute baby. By the end of the day though, you had totally had enough and were letting us know it. You wanted out of there.

Week 24-4

So that was the week. Which is fortunately not your average one. I did mention to your dad that we should get a photo of someone in a crazy medieval costume holding you (since opportunities like that don’t come around every day) but he said no, he thought that was weird. What he didn’t think was weird was that some random lady he had been talking to had asked to hold you. He said that was fine and passed you over but he didn’t want to pass you off to a jousting knight or a burly Viking. Although come to think of it, the majority of the people who were dressed up were associated with jousts, swords, guns, axes, rapiers and other assorted weapons so maybe it’s not so weird after all. They weren’t all violent though. Honest.

Alles Liebe,



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