Week 23

Week 23-5

Dear Genevieve,

I think you and I need to have a chat about feeding. This biting thing you’ve got going? I don’t like it. Actually, there are several things that I don’t like at the moment. I remember when I used to be able to put you on the boob and you’d happily suck away. Sometimes for milk and sometimes just for comfort. You would on occasion use me as a dummy. The thing was though, when you were latched, you were content and still. Sure, I couldn’t exactly walk around and do chores whilst you were attached but I could watch tv. Now, it’s a different matter.

Now I have to pay constant attention when I feed you. Now, you like to grab and pinch me with the hand that is underneath whilst clamping your jaw closed, pushing your feet against anything you can find, arching your back and pushing down with the hand on top. Since you have sharp nails that I can never quite cut off, the grabbing and pinching really hurts. Since you have teeth, the clamping of your jaw really hurts. Since my body wasn’t really made to stretch like you have been asking, the pull of your suck and the push of your arm (added to by the pushing of your feet) wait for it…really hurts! I have to concentrate when I feed you and watch you like a hawk to fend off your painful movements or extract myself before you really get going. At least for the feeds in the day. At night, you are still gentle, soft and cuddly but when you are wide awake and distractable…that is another matter entirely.

Week 23-2

On the other hand, can I just say how pleased we are at the way you have taken to food so far. I have been told that you need to feed infants a new food at least four times to ascertain whether or not they like it. Apparently, if they initially turn their head and refuse to eat it, this is not an accurate indication that they have an aversion. To date, you have not turned your nose up at anything. You have eaten whatever we have given you. We have mostly given you blended purees such as spinach, peas, broccoli and apple, or chicken & apricot but you have swallowed every spoonful and opened your mouth for more. Even the straight prune. Which I may have given you a little too much of initially.

We are still working out how to keep you nourished and regular. When you don’t poop, you get cranky. And unfortunately, the first foods that we happened to feed you we’re not the best for avoiding constipation. So I had a look to see if I could feed you prunes. The general consensus seemed to be yes but I couldn’t find any advice on how much to feed you. I therefore fed you a “portion” as I would have done with apple or carrot. This is apparently a lot. As evidenced by the big poop you did not 20 minutes after you ate. Then the poop later that night. Then the poop early the next morning. All of which were kind of poopsplosive. I think we cleared out everything after that. I don’t feed you that much prune any more.

Week 23

So my little girl, you are definitely growing up and changing. Sometimes this is a good thing because its interesting to see whats next but sometimes is sad, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because at the same time as saying hello to a new stage, I say goodbye to an old one and secondly, because it brings me ever closer to the day I go back to work. Im having mixed feelings about this at the moment. On one hand, I am excited at the thought of going back to my job and working my brain in another way but on the other hand, I will miss being with you. I will miss being the one who knows everything about you and the person who is (literally) at the centre of your world. I know that other people and other environments have a lot to offer you but I will miss that I won’t be there to share some of those things with you.

Week 23-4

What else for this week? Well I was once again reminded of the fact that I am so not supermum. Not that I am uninterested in your development, but it is clear that I read a lot less than other new mums. Of late, I have been listening to women in my mother’s group ask whether other babies have gone through things like the “four month sleep regression”. They ask did you do that? To which I honestly have to say, I don’t know. I mean, you sleep. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Did you sleep well prior to four months and then bang, it’s all over Grover and you were rotten? I wouldn’t have a clue off the top of my head. Oh well, let’s chalk that up to me being a relaxed mum.

Week 23-3

You are certainly a lot more relaxed these days. At least when we put you in the car. You even slept the whole way when we went to Canberra on the weekend. The last time we went on a long trip, you only managed a couple of hours before you’d had enough but this time you were quiet the whole way. It was awesome. And then you didn’t cry every time Gigi went to hold you which was also much appreciated. I think you really would have given her a complex if you’d kept that up. You seemed to enjoy going running with your dad in the new spiffy running stroller he desperately wanted and finally, you slept most of the way home. You weren’t so keen on sleeping for long in the peanut we bought for you so your dad and I would have liked some more sleep over the weekend but we survived.

Perhaps I should also mention that this weekend held my first mother’s day. You were of course a little too little to get/make me anything yourself. So there was no burnt toast or spilled hot chocolate. You also don’t really have words yet to tell me anything on the day but I’m sure you and your dad were thinking that you appreciated me on the day. You were? Yes, I thought so.

Alles Liebe,



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