Week 21


Dear Genevieve,

Apparently your Mama is so much old news. Boring, passé, of little entertainment value and certainly of not much use apart from that of nourishment. At least, that is the conclusion that I have reached, because when we are together, this is the Genevieve that I usually see:


Whenever your dad shows up however, it’s a slightly different story. There are smiles…Grins even.


And occasionally there is laughter too!

I don’t normally get that. I don’t hold it against you, though. You have had a tough week. You have been experiencing a bit of tough love in regards to nap-time and bedtime. We have been trying to teach you to self-settle (or perhaps that was allowing you to figure it out for yourself), and so there have been times when you have been left to cry it out. We do try and put you down in your cot when you are calm, but more often than not, you immediately pitch a fit. You are not comforted by our presence, our voices or our touch, and short of actually getting you up, we haven’t found any option other than leaving you to screech for 20-30 minutes (after which point you usually fall into an exhausted slumber).

You can complain about us in therapy when you get older, if you want. We are just trying to do what we think is best. And that includes us getting sleep as well. Whilst I have been prepared to allow the 12am, 3am and 6am feeds you thought you wanted at times this week, when you started waking after 2 hours, I was finding it difficult. Several people have again suggested that we call Tresillian or Karitane to put you through sleep school (which I’m sure would come as a ruder shock), but I think we are going to muddle it out on our own. At least, for a little while longer.


So other than your inconvenient ability to stay awake for really long periods of time, this week, you have started to play coy. I might be holding you over my shoulder and you will be looking around, but when your dad comes up to make silly faces at you, you turn your head away or bury it in my shoulder. It’s kind of cute. When you are not burying your head in my shoulder however, you may well be trying to bring your legs towards your body. I am assuming this is because your little body is still having difficulties processing solid food and you really need to poop. I hate to see you struggling and I wish that I knew how to make this a non-issue for you but perhaps this is just part of your body developing and getting used to all the things you will do to it in the future.

Week21-5Sometimes you don’t seem to be doing so well but we’re trying our hardest to keep you healthy and happy. Although there are some times that are harder than others. Especially when we’re trying to figure things out.

Alles Liebe,



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