Week 20


Dear Genevieve,

I think you’re doing your tricky thing again. You know, the one where we’ve decided we’re going to try a new strategy as parents and so you behave beautifully to lull us into a false sense of security. You give us the idea that, hey, we could really do this, before you totally turn the tables and crack it big time. Since you were way overtired this morning, we decided that you should sleep a bit more regularly and be able to self settle so we started employing Tresillian type methods on you. There are a bunch of guidelines regarding the actual parental settling but by the end of the day, you were calm when we wanted to put you down so we were just placing you in your cot and walking straight out.

The first time I did this, you did actually cry for a solid half hour afterwards. I kept waiting for it to escalate beyond the whinge though and it never did. It just remained the kind of cry that I imagine is the equivalent of a five year old saying I’m hungry! for thirty minutes following dinner, seconds and dessert. The kind of complaining that most parents respond to with no you’re not so stop whining – I’m not interested. So I left you and you went to sleep all by yourself. Unswaddled and arms free to boot. Then you woke about three hours later, I fed you, changed you and gave you to your dad who had a quick cuddle before putting you down and walking out. You had another quick whine but then went straight back to sleep! That’s totally not going to happen tomorrow is it?


At the end of the day though, I guess I’m really not that fazed. I mean it’d be great if you had a routine that was a bit more predictable and it was easier to put you down to sleep but I’m not obsessed with making you conform to a schedule. Every child is different. Some babies can’t really manage to stay awake for more than about three hours. You on the other hand can stay awake for the better part of twelve. Like on Saturday. Sure, you slept in your pram for a short spell here and a short spell there and you slept in the car for about the same but I’d be surprised if you racked up more than two hours in total during that time. You were fighting sleep at every turn. You didn’t want to miss anything.


So the self settling was a new thing for this week, as was the food. You are now on solids! Your pediatrician advised that we could try you on solid food once you reached four months so we started to feed you rice cereal. And you seem to be really enjoying it. When you’re not constipated that is. Although you weren’t really constipated until after the third time we fed you. The first couple of times, I prepared your cereal and made up a half serve. Everything I had read said start with a couple of teaspoons because should be enough. Your dad went straight to the two tablespoon serve however, which seemed to clog things up a bit. Then he told me we should have started on fruit or vegetables first. Like he is the expert. In my defense though, we make up the rice cereal with breast milk so I though that might be a slightly familiar taste and therefore a good transition.


For something different though, we tried you on some apple today. I have heard that when you stew it, you remove some of the fibre benefit however so we gave you water as well. You were definitely not keen on the water (you take after your mother there) and you weren’t that impressed when I syringed it into your mouth either. You seemed to really like the apple though so we’re doing ok so far on this eating thing. I would have to say that your tongue is occasionally a little more hindrance than help at this stage but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. Maybe its just that your feeding has been a little all over the place this week.

I did expect that you would not need quite as much breast milk once we supplemented your diet with solid food however it seemed as though you fed a lot less. There was one day where you had a 7 hour period and a 5 hour period between feeds which in turn made me slightly paranoid for about 24 hours afterwards. Perhaps because this happened along side me feeling like I didn’t have enough milk for you when you did feed. And because it seems that my milk no longer makes you drowsy. I knew it would happen but I didn’t know when. It would seem that now is the time. It remains a comfort to you and I can still feed you to sleep but only if you’re already really tired. Bugger c’est la vie.


The last thing that I wanted to mention for this week is that we were really proud of how well you did on your next lot of immunisations. You and I both had a visit with the doctor on Monday. Me because I woke up with strong chest pains (so much so that your dad took you to work with him for about an hour because it hurt for me to lift you) and you because you needed two further injections. One after the other this time. You did cry but you were a lot better than last time.

Alles Liebe,



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