Week 19


Dear Genevieve,

This was a funny old week. One where things changed yet again but at the same time there was a bit of learning to see the order through the chaos. At the beginning of the week, you were being what I had started to consider as your nuggety self. There was frequent feeding and lots of grizzling, I assume due to the new teeth.  It was largely just you and me on Monday and Tuesday (with Sparky working at both jobs) and these days seemed a continuation of the week before. Then Grumps came.


Since I haven’t had the luxury of using both my hands for a while and the household tasks on my to-do list were piling up, I asked your grandfather if he would like to come up for a few days. Not so he could do my work for me (I’m not that rude) but so he could play with you whilst I did the work. I probably didn’t take as much advantage of that as I should have because I only seemed to conquer the most basic cleaning and washing but I did get a good head start on the study. Anyway, I was always on hand to feed you but when you weren’t sleeping or eating, I pretty much handed you over.

Fortunately my father is a patient man. Screaming babies don’t phase him and so he’d walk with you, hum to you and cuddle you when you were upset. He’d take you outside for a change of scene when you wouldn’t settle or bring you inside when you’d had enough of the outdoors. He would also play with you when you were happy. But that was not exactly the majority of the time. There were several occasions when he came up to me and said I’ve broken her again. The thing I realised though was that whilst your crying doesn’t exactly send me into a tailspin of paranoia and guilt, I am possibly too quick sometimes to give you the boob. I wonder if I have been helping to create a situation that I was hoping to avoid.


Grumps would allow you to work out your tantrums. He’d let you whinge to your heart’s content and cry as much as you wanted. If you were honestly distressed I would take you back of course and there were a couple of those times to be sure, but more often than not, I’d be gearing up to have to stop what I was doing and then you’d calm down all by yourself. And all of a sudden your feeds spread out and you would nap, sometimes more than once. You stopped waking every three hours at night (you could manage 4 or 4 1/2) and you seemed happier over all. We certainly had some of the best runs of smiles when I brought the camera out for the daily photo.


Now don’t get me wrong. There were still periods when nothing seemed to work. You wouldn’t eat (or you’d bite), you wouldn’t sleep and you wouldn’t stop grizzling. We’d give you Bonjella, the Brauer teething stuff and Infant’s Friend and we’d go through every trick we could think of to settle you. We’d take turns to see if a new face would help but sometimes we just had to wait it out until you  exhausted yourself into slumber. By the end of the week however, getting you to go to sleep didn’t seem to be such a mammoth task. Or maybe it was that I was more relaxed because despite all the washing, cleaning and tidying I accomplished, I felt as though I’d had a break. And I really enjoyed spending a little more time with my dad. I hope that when you grow up, you can enjoy a similar relationship with your dad because I think it’s pretty cool.


There was of course also the not so cool part of the week where you showed your dad just how fast you could roll and took a dive off the couch. He could definitely have done without that. It was not by any means the high point of the week but you seem to have come off completely unscathed by the incident so we’re thankful for that.

Alles Liebe,



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