Falling For You


Dear Genevieve,

Little girl, you scared the bejeezus out of Sparky last night! I’m sure you were just trying to show him how clever you were. Or maybe you were just bored and wanted to experiment. Whichever it was, you swapped your slow roll for a fast one…right off the couch! You were fine but your father was definitely not ok. Frightened and distressed were words I could use to describe him and not you. I think you did scare yourself a little though because taking a tumble off the couch was not what you expected but you seemed to get over that quick smart.

I didn’t see your effort to relocate yourself but I gather your dad grabbed you right before you hit the carpet. You had a stretchy swaddle thing on however so he didn’t so much catch you as slow your descent. You therefore did sustain a slight knock to the head but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that hard because you perked up shortly thereafter. We did the responsible thing though and rang the community nurse to ask for advice.

The nurse filled out an incident report and did an initial assessment over the phone. After asking for our details and why we were calling, she asked us a whole host of questions. Did you throw up? No. We’re there any broken bones? Pretty sure no. Could we see any lumps or swelling? No. Did you pass out or have a seizure? No. Was there any bleeding or other fluids oozing from your orifices? No. Did you cry straight away? Yes. Did you seem able to concentrate still? Yes. Did you seem normal? Yes. From that, the nurse advised that if we weren’t concerned, it sounded as though we could save the trip to emergency but we should keep you under close observation for  2 hours and check on you frequently over the next 24.

Then she asked us what we would have done if we hadn’t called the community health nurse. Now apparently this is a question that they ask everyone (which I found out today) so its probably meant to be something along the lines of we’d like to understand the level of education out there or we’d like to know how our service fits into the community. At the time however, it came across a little more like I can’t believe you didn’t think you should go straight to emergency, were you just going to hope for the best? It was considered that you were probably fine though and so now we’ll do our best to make sure you’re not able to do a repeat performance.

The other thing that came out of the incident was that we had a real reason to use the movement sensors on your swanky monitor. Before now, we had not bothered to turn them on because they set off an alarm whenever we pick you up before deactivating them (which is really easy to do at 3am). After we put you down to sleep however, I think your dad wanted to watch the movement sensor for a while to make sure you weren’t going to have some sudden seizure and stop breathing. You’re still here today though and you seem perfectly healthy. I’m sure that once you’re crawling and walking you’ll do worse by yourself anyway. But babies are a resilient lot. If you don’t mind though, try not to freak your dad out again for a while.

Alles Liebe,



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