Week 18

Week 18-3

Dear Genevieve,

Teeth! We have teeth! Two of them. We thought they might have been upon us last week but now we can definitely see your two front bottom teeth and I’m guessing from your additional toadiness, that you can definitely feel them as well. It must be somewhat of an ache because you’re not shrieking in pain per se but you have been generally more unsettled. You cry and grizzle more than you did before and don’t seem to be comforted when we actively try and settle you. So we needed some reinforcements.

Week 18

Since you obviously have a strong aversion to children’s Panadol, I sent your dad out to buy an alternate pain killer for you. Being your dad of course, instead of only buying Neurofen or Dymadon, he bought both. Just like when I sent him out to get some Bonjella. He did buy the gel but he also came back with a Brauer teething mix as well. Which makes me think we’re kind of covered for the teething pain relief. As far as medication goes. I’m afraid we can’t stop it hurting in the first place though and we can’t always distract you either. We have tried to give you some teething rings but you’re not really interested in holding onto anything. You know, unless it’s like my boob or my neck or your dads mouth…

You could have a successful career in pinching ahead of you if you were interested. You’ve yet to master the thumb and index finger pinch of course. You don’t quite have the motor skills for that one yet but you are fantastic at taking of a handful of us and squeezing hard. With your sharp nails dug in for added benefit. I’m not sure which is worse, you biting me while I’m feeding you or you pinching me. Both hurt like the blazes. And I’m pretty sure the biting can get a lot worse. They certainly don’t make feeding fun. Which I feel like I’m doing all the flipping time now. Every 90 minutes to three hours it seems. They say that this is a sign you are ready for solids. Apparently breastmilk does not continue to sustain you to the same degree. We might wait until you get over your cold first before I attempt solids with you.

Week 18-5

At the end of last week, you got a cold that continued into this week. You remained congested and your coughing fits got a little worse. They didn’t get to the barking cough of croup or the wheeze of whooping cough (and I sincerely hope that they don’t) but you would have coughing fits in the middle of feeding or just after I put you down to sleep. I’m hoping you get over this soon though because we don’t like to see you ill. We also want to be able to take you to Neighbourette’s house again. With her having a newborn at home and the health in their household already being compromised however we have both imposed a sort of quarantine. At least in regards to our two families.

Week 18-4

We did have guests with a little boy one month older than you over on Monday. There was full disclosure about you having been sick though. But they were still happy to come so you had a bigger audience for your new trick. After the OT showed you how to roll over last Monday, you didn’t see any reason to repeat the phenomenon over the following days. No, you wanted to sit on that knowledge for a week. Ponder it, internalize it and consider it until the following Monday, this Monday, when it became your new favorite pastime. Any time we put you on your back now, in pretty short order you end up on your front. When I wake up to feed you in the wee small hours of the morning I sometimes find you on your stomach as well. You’re not so big on flipping back over although your dad assures me that he’s seen it but you’ve been having a lot of self imposed tummy time this week.

Week 18-2

Alles Liebe,



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