It Has Not Escaped My Attention


Dear Husband,

I just want you to know, I noticed. And I laughed. Because it is kind of funny when you get all self righteous and then make a bit of a git of yourself. I am talking about the phone by the way.

I recall that when I got my new mobile phone, my shiny, scratchless, pretty new phone, I left the protective film on the screen for about a week. Now I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to smart phones, my real problem is the dumb user end of the equation but even I know that when there are protruding tabs on product covering film it means that the film is not supposed to stay there. Which you also pointed out to me.

You told me that I wasn’t supposed to use the phone with the film left on it. You said the image would be much clearer if I took the film off the phone. When I responded that I was leaving the protective layer on until I was able to get a screen protector for the phone, you told me that screens are really good quality now. I probably wouldn’t be able to scratch it unless it was on purpose or I was really careless – there was no point in leaving the film adhered to the phone.

Fast forward to this week when we bought you a new phone. A new phone that is so spiffy that it is supposed to be water resistant. A phone that you lovingly set up…with the protective film left over the screen. A phone that you went to leave on your bedside table over night in a sock! A phone that you carried around in your pocket in the plastic sleeve from the packaging before you could get not a case for the phone (which would have only covered the back) but a pouch (so the whole thing could be protected). And you still want to buy a screen protector.

Of course, when I called you on it you told me sheepishly that it was a really expensive phone. After you told me to shut up. Yep, you don’t have double standards at all my dear.

Your Loving Wife

* I shamlessly stole the photo – I did not throw your new phone in a fish tank!


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