Month Forty-Four

karlexDear Husband,

Happy Easter! And thank you very much for my present. Which in my opinion was not actually the one you thought you gave me, but the one I desperately wanted and needed – time. Or rather, time off. As much as I love our daughter, as the primary care giver and the sole source of nourishment at this stage, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to enjoy the use of both my hands for an extended period of time or to leave the house by myself for more than half an hour. I’d say go to the loo by myself but since the house shifted and the bathroom door doesn’t hard close, the puppy usually makes sure that doesn’t happen. It was really nice to have some time for me though. Even if I used some of it to do household chores!

To be honest, that actually felt like more of a holiday than going down to Beechworth this year. Normally, I really look forward to this getaway as its one of the few places you really relax however this time, you got sick. So not very relaxing. And the dog was naughty which was not relaxing either. He was just trying to protect the Genibean of course but that caused an awkward situation for us. Hopefully we get the hang of the family holiday that doesn’t feel like more work than staying at home. This one wasn’t really it however. That being said, it was great to get out of town and the place you found us to rent was awesome.

Inevitably in my experience, the places where you go away to stay might be very nice and comfortable but they don’t usually feel like home. This one did. It came with puzzles and books and in the nicest possible way, it felt “lived in”. It had good light, it was perfect for entertaining, I though the beds, couches and chairs were all comfortable, you could practically get lost in the bathroom and there was good water pressure. I am a girl, yes, so this is important. The pipes sounded like they were being woken from the dead every time you ran the hot water and the toilet liked to keep pouring water into the bowl after you flushed occasionally but somehow, I just didn’t care. I simply enjoyed being there. I would definitely go back.

It was the sort of place I’d love to live. It was bigger than our house for starters and it felt a little more “finished” in an odd way, whereas ours sometimes still strikes me as a hodge podge of functional furniture that has been crammed into the same space. That is actually a little unfair as we do have some quite nice furniture, especially the new lounge suite. The old lounge was nice too but it wasn’t really comfortable. Or recline-onable. Before I got pregnant, it was something I’d sworn I would not put up with when I was the size of a beached whale yet after I gave birth, there it still was. It took another couple of months before it was replaced with a means for us both to lie down at the same time. Was this because you were getting to enjoy lying down of an evening less and less?

Regardless, it has been great to get the new furniture and I am also very pleased with the hutch thing you made for under the tv as well. Even if it did take about two years. You promised that the planks of wood previously under the tv would be temporary after we moved in but they became semi-permanent instead. When the new pieces of wood sat on the dining room floor for over a week, I was a little concerned that it might take a figurative fire lit somewhere inappropriate to get it moving but you sorted it out. Well, you and Neighbourette’s husband. You decided you needed a certain power tool and Neighbourette decreed you weren’t allowed to borrow said power tool without borrowing her husband for instructional purposes. Which you seemed to think was funny – “hey, do you mean I get assistance because of my ineptitude!?!”.

So we now have all the entertainment equipment together which is an improvement in more ways than one. Not only because it’s easier and neater but also because we are now listening to a little more music and watching a little less tv. Which in turn makes it easier to talk to you because you have a tendency to get distracted by the big sparkly box. Regardless of whether it’s showing wrestling or White Collar. Then again, maybe some of our communication issues aren’t because of “event boundaries” or distraction. For as you have recently advised – “you have to wait till my ears are turned on, they have a very distinct warm up period”. Yes, and it usually finishes right after I finish speaking!

With the rest of the month, I tried to ignore you when you turned into Mr Cranky Pants. Seriously, I don’t know how you can be so tired and moody so often because you get to sleep at night. I also tried to encourage you when you found an opportunity that you wanted to pursue. Things seem to have gone well so far but you won’t hear anything until next month. Oh, and I noticed that you seem to be sporting a few grey hairs there Mr Smarty Pants who likes to frequently point out that I am older than you. In the past, you have gleefully pointed out that I have already started going white so I just wanted to return the favour. Of course, when I mentioned that to you in person, you told me to shut up but I’m sure that very deep down you appreciated it. Yes?

Not as youthfully yours,

Your Loving Wife

P.S. I found the photo the other day. Its not recent but it makes me smile.


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