Putting Baby To Bed

Dear Genevieve,

Wow. I thought I was uncoordinated when I was pregnant. Opening doors onto the belly, trying to cut my toenails with only limited success, looking ungainly as I got on and off the couch…but all that was nothing compared to what I can achieve with a pram.

Lexie’s Law of Prams
If there is a door jam to go through, I will clip it
If I am reversing out of a small space, I will bump into someone
If there are some toes handy, I will run over them
If there is a side of the street with more broken pavement, I will choose that one
If I decide to get you out of the pram, I will not apply the brake first
If I can side swipe something in a narrow space, I will do so

And I managed all that in one afternoon out. It probably didn’t help that I was using public transport…

I must say though, now I know why car park operators are offering “parents with prams” parking the same size as disabled parking. Having a pram is a handicap! Now don’t get upset like I’m trying to compare having a pram with being disabled because I’m not. Ok, maybe I kinda am. A little. I know they’re totally not in the same ballpark and I’m not trying to make light of those less physically able but having a pram does give you a disability, however temporary. I now have a new appreciation of accessibility issues.

All of a sudden you can’t use stairs. Some stores make it impossible to shop in them. Uneven ground covered in rocks or tambark etc. is a real turn off. There are some places you just don’t “fit”. There are other places where you simply can’t go. I suppose I will get better at managing this unwieldy beast of a new appendage. My spacial awareness will improve. And hey, it could be worse, I could manage to find all the bushes with protrusions at your head height when you are sitting upright and whack you in the face constantly. I don’t do that.

Bis dann,


* I would credit the image if I had the faintest idea of who owned it.


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