Small Bump


Dear Ed Sheeran,

Way to make a grown woman cry! I mean there I was, at home, on the couch with my daughter – minding my own business – and then your song “Small Bump” came on the radio. Now normally I am not that emotional in regards to music. Actually, scrap that. I am. The Lion King made me cry. In the good bits. The live musical was very stirring…But I didn’t expect to go all gooey over a song I had never heard before.

Yet there I was, breast feeding my four month old who is perhaps a little more lump than bump but you know, close enough. My baby daughter who was cradled in my arms and for once, doing the suck-swallow thing with a relative calm and not trying to guzzle the milk down like a frat boy with a beer at a party. She was just quite content, cuddled up to me on her side. And with her free arm, she was playing with my hand, her fingers wrapped around my thumb. That was what did it.

I thought after the pregnancy bit had passed, the hormones that have you tearing up at the toilet paper commercials with puppies (not that I did that, I’m just saying that type of sappy) would be gone as well. Apparently not. So your song came on and all of a sudden I was listening to all the words rather than just chilling out to smooth music. And it hit me right in the heart. Wham!

And then we got to the end of the song and those last two lines…when it hit me all over again! Thanks. Although I’m not sure whether I mean that honestly or sarcastically. A little of both I think.


A New Listener

Small Bump Lyrics


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