Who’s Da Funny Chicken?

Massaging Baby

Dear Genevieve,

Your father and I have a number of pet names for you. Chunkey Monkey, Buddha Belly, Missy Moo and my personal moniker of choice, Genibean. There is also the one your father usually uses, Chicken. In the beginning, it drove me nuts. Can’t really say why. “Hey Chicken!” just sounded wrong. I have heard it so often now however that it has stuck with me and I will call you that on occasion too.

Anyway, as is your father’s want, he will occasionally grab you, wiggle you about and make funny faces at you in the hope that you will give him one of your floozy smiles. He will also say things to you in a silly voice and make strange noises in case they produce your smiles instead. Yesterday, your father had you standing on his lap as he jiggled you from side to side and said “who’s da funny chicken!?!…who’s da funny chicken!?!” over and over. He then proceeded to cluck like a chook at you.

I would have to say therefore that there is a clear answer to his question right there only I’m not sure it’s the one he wanted.

Bis dann,


* I would credit the image if I had the faintest idea of who owned it


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