There Are Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Wife

Making Baby Smile

Dear Genevieve,

You might think by the title of this post that this is something I should have written to your father but this actually concerns you as well as me.

Whenever a child is born, it seems that many people feel the need to comment on whether the new arrival appears to look more like the mother or the father. Sometimes there is no clear consensus however in your case, almost everyone has taken one look at you and said you are every inch your father’s daughter. It’s a mini Sparky! There are very few people who appear to be able to see any of your mother in you.

So maybe you take after your father in more ways than one. He looks just like his dad. Its impossible to miss. Now me on the other hand, I look like both my parents. When I gaze into a mirror now, I actually find it hard to see but I have seen a photo of my dad’s sister at 16 and it was like I was looking at a picture of myself. So clearly I take after his side of the family. But then I have also seen photos of my mother when she was younger and the resemblance is clear there too. There is no mistaking where I came from. I was not adopted.

And in case there was any smidgen of doubt, I know where my sister came from and you can’t tell me that we are not related!

So yeah, apparently, you are every inch your father. Or at least you were. Personally, I don’t see it. I just see a baby. As the weeks go by however, and you are developing your own personality, I am starting to see familial features. The other day however, I commented to your father that I think you have his eyes and I think you have my chin, to which the toad replied “which one?”.


If it wasn’t insulting to both of us, I would have returned with the flippant response of “both of them!”. Remind me to slap him again later.

 Bis dann,


* And I would credit the image if I had the faintest idea of who owned it


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